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Live Q&A: Dr Chaand Nagpaul

We will be holding a live Q&A session with Dr Chaand Nagpaul, chair of the GPC and number one in Pulse’s Power 50 GPs today at 4pm

If you want to get involved, leave your questions in the comments below, email us at with the email subject ‘Chaand Nagpaul Q&A’ or check back on the homepage today at 4pm to join in the discussion live.

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  • Dr Chaand Nagpaul

Readers' comments (15)

  • Is our profession going to have any place for those who want to be partner with a dedication to continuity of care and at the same time not go bankrupt?

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  • 1. Would you consider industrial action if secretary of state take unilateral decision on contract change in 2015?

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  • Dr Nagpaul,
    Do you think there is an element of racism at the top of the NHS? If there is, how are you going to tackle it?

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  • My view is that the GP profession has already been fragmented (divide and conquer) by the new GP contract and the resulting lucrative salaried GP contract in 2005. This (especially in London and outer London) had led to scarcity of partnership posts resulting now after 8 years in a large group of salaried gps by default. They are not recognised but constitue at least 3/4 of sessional or salaried Gps and perhaps 50% of the workforce. It is these Gps who will fill private companies posts and indirectly help the eventual disolution of independent general practice. Has anyone ever thought to equalise or do away with the division of salaried/partner?

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  • Dear Dr Nagpaul
    Well done for all the work you have done till now!!
    We are a group of GP trainees who are extremely disturbed after reading Prof Esmail's conclusions regarding racism in CSA exam. The RCGP is not doing anything about this. This exam has left an artificial scarcity of GP's at grass root level. Those affected have otherwise completed all other aspects of their training. I know you ae not involved with the exams but thought would raise a question here because of your influence on those at the top.
    What would and what could you do to reassure these trainees?

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  • Dr Nagpaul,

    Many of us are worried about exposure to future practice redundancy payments which may erode the capital and property equity we have built up over many years.
    CQC, revalidation, commissioning, recruitment crisis etc is exacerbating greatly the stresses of our jobs and threatens our health.
    We also worry about future pension changes that may be in the pipeline.

    Is there anything you can say that may persuade us to delay VER, which seems to me to be the most rational course of action?

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  • Let common sense prevail

    Do you feel that there is a realistic prospect of the increased investment, or shift in resources, that is required to support the future development of primary care?

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  • If all GPs are going to become salaried, how much will the salary be?

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  • Dr.Nagpaul,at a time when most of the country has been subjected to austerity measures and the NHS is creaking from underfunding eg closure of A/E,why does BMA and LMC continue to defend Growth payments to PMS practices.They are not trequired to anything extra,the additional amount merely ends up as higher profit for principals,particularly single handed ones and the amounts can be as much as2-3 hundred thousand pounds.Surely this would be better spent in funding or incentivising all practices eg in extended hrs.This would have the effect of equelising funding and improvement in all practices.
    If we add to thisthe money wasted in urgent carecentres I think groups of practices in a locality may be able to provide their own urgent care and extended hrs in much better way,therby reducing the pressure on A/E

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  • 1)I have been a new partner for 2 years. My colleagues are retiring early due to stress others are emigrating. I hear there is the possibility of independent status being taken away? Grassroot GP's SHOULD not and DO NOT want this- for doctors' and patients' sake. Will you stand in front of JEREMY stare him in the face and tell him we WILL NOT BE MOVED?

    2) How are you going to give more PRESS ATTENTION to the subject of care data extraction to generate a National debate before it is too late? I feel the best interest of patients' is not being served by the current DOH and the sneaky health and social care bill clause.

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