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There is no computer system that is secure. Patients should always have the right to decide what information is shared and what is not. And the designers or those who approved the expenditure should be held accountable for any waste.

As for Choose and Book, the current system does not work and offers no real choice. There is no trail of accountability for a referral after it has been sent by the GP. The system should be scrapped or used in a form where that trail of responsibility is restored.

From Dr Ian Gilani by email

I'm very sceptical about this enormous waste of money, which has far more to do with politics than the delivery of healthcare.

Here is yet another Government IT project which will overrun its budget and fail to deliver any benefit. It would be good to see Connecting for Health subject to an in-depth and ongoing review of the kind that disappears into the dim and distant future preferably way beyond my retirement!

From Dr Brian Mansfield by email

I am a firm supporter of your campaign. I do not believe the IT programme will have any significant clinical benefit. It is unbelievably expensive and has the potential for dangerous political and criminal misuse, even if it runs as smoothly as its proponents claim – which it won't!

Patients will be well advised to boycott it. I and my family all intend to refuse permission to be included.

From Dr Simon Hayhoe by email

I believe the Government will once again be proved wrong in its belief that IT will solve all the problems of the NHS. Like previous governments, it is wasting millions of pounds of our money on ill-thought-out schemes that fail to deliver what was promised. When will ministers learn?

Choose and Book may suit those in Islington but in Somerset, as I believe in most places, my patients do not want choice. They want good local services and a degree of ownership of their local NHS.

From Dr Stephen Gardiner by email

Choose and Book actually removes choice from patients and disadvantages small local hospital clinics.

It is always administered by the big district general hospitals who have no interest in peripheral services close to home, are remote from them and cannot be bothered chasing empty slots in small hospitals from a different, distant trust.

From Dr Roy Sharma by email

I don't think patients are fully aware of the care record proposals. They know they can trust the current system and assume their trust will not be betrayed in future.

I personally have made it clear to my doctor that I do not consent to my records being uploaded at all.I do not see any real advantage for the patient, while there are real dangers.No one in their right mind would truly believe that care records will be safe from illegal or unintended access.As for Choose and Book – it is great being able to book the appointment online while the patient is present, but the 'Choose' aspect is a misnomer.We have always been able to chose which hospital to send the patient to, so no change there....but now we cannot choose the consultant, so that is a serious step backwards.In orthopaedics we cannot book directly via Choose and Book. We have to e-book an appointment for the patient to make a phone call to book an appointment to be seen to be triaged, so that then they may get an appointment. Meanwhile time ticks by.

From Dr Jane Blockley by email

Thank God someone is doing something – the BMA doesn't appear to be doing much for junior doctors or securing confidentiality for patients' records.

From Dr Alan Campion by email

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