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Why motorsport medicine sets my pulse racing

Are you made of the right stuff for general practice? Or should you do something else? Try our quiz

Tick which statement most closely applies to you:

1 When searching through job ads:

a I speed read through the page, going back to any ads which seem relevant

b Before even looking at the ads I draw up a grid with my skills and abilities on one side and the requirements of my ideal job on

the other

c I shut my eyes, stick a pin in the page, and apply for that job

d I paste the page behind a door, throw an axe at it, and apply for whichever ad the axe lands on

2. When preparing my CV:

a I update the one I have on my PC

b I soak papyrus seeds in a bowl of water, mix green vitriol with gum Arabic then....

c I write whatever comes into my head on the back of a shopping list with the stub of a pencil

d If I can't find enough letters to cut out of a newspaper, I open up a major artery, and use my own blood

3 When given a contract to peruse:

a I check the job description, terms and conditions, and probationary period

b I count the number of pixels on each page and check them against the standard for that printer

c I sign it

d I get my lawyers to check it, then wipe it clean of fingerprints

4 When getting ready for an interview:

a I wear conservative dress and pay attention to personal hygiene

b I get my silkworms from a little place in Gerrard Street

c I shut my eyes and stick a pin in my clothes collection

d I wear a black balaclava and


5 My hobbies include:

a Opera and current affairs

b Counting the number of matches in a box

c Skydiving, falling out of trains, and the lottery

d Blackmail, extortion and grievous bodily harm

6 My favourite reading is:

a House and Garden magazine

b Very detailed Ordnance Survey maps

c I stick a pin in the newsagent and let him choose for me

d Guns magazine

Mainly a's You're the ideal GP. Staid, conservative and with enough savvy to see the wider picture, you will land an ideal job in general practice, work your socks off and die prematurely at the age of 45.

Mainly b's You are an obsessive compulsive freak. By the time you arrive at interviews the successful candidate will have finished their first year. This is a pity, because you'd make an ideal forensic examiner.

Mainly c's Your cavalier attitude to life is to be admired, but you'd be dangerous in general practice. Your 'devil-may-care let's all go to hell in a hand-basket' approach would, however, make you an ideal candidate for Health Secretary.

Mainly d's You are unlikely to pass the Criminal Records Bureau check for GPs. But your obvious love of violence would make you an ideal orthopaedic surgeon.

Dr Laurence Knott is a GP in Enfield

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