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'Why shouldn't junior doctors be exploited? Their dreams should die too'

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A demonstration in Croydon which looped over the A232 and finished back in Croydon again was held today to protest against the junior doctors’ strike action.

We spoke to Professor Candid who had arranged the march using words and pictures on social media. He was holding up a placard with the word ‘Bitter’ on it and had the annoying habit of turning every sentence into a question.

‘Why shouldn’t young doctors be exploited? That’s what they’re there for isn’t it? Hasn’t it always been the same for thousands if not hundreds of years? When I was a junior doctor I survived on an hour of sleep a month and catheterised myself to save pointless toilet time. Besides isn’t it only right that the so called young should toil away in un-godly NHS run sweat shops covered head to toe in shite and MRSA without even a mop or a thank you so that the rest of us can have slightly better lives?’

Through gritted teeth he went on to explain: ‘Ever since my wife left me and I discovered gin and Babe Station it’s been my firm belief that junior doctors shouldn’t have time to eat a sandwich let alone have a fulfilling family life.’

‘My dreams died long ago,’ says Professor Candid, ‘Their dreams should die too. Shouldn’t they?’ And off he walked with so many unanswered questions.

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Edinburgh

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Readers' comments (3)

  • Lol is Prof Candid Dr Nick Summerton by any chance?

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  • As always, funny and disturbing!!

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  • You are right. I did hundreds [ over 700] 80 hour weekends, some of them with 2 hours sleep.I have done over 36 168 hour weeks [ holidays and sick cover] with no time off on one 6 month stretch.
    Since I was tortured and abused and traumatized and bullied[[ while the BMA [ my Union ] looked the other way [ nay tacitly complied, as Pilots only flew 34 hours / or thereabouts in the month and earned 5 times as much]], I believe these young juniors should do so too.
    It is traditional to torture young doctors, is that not what they are there for ?
    So, BMA, time to fold quietly and go away and let the juniors get the same medicine we had.

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