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Ten tips for recruiting a new partner (1 CPD hour)

Dr Simon Poole from the GPC offers his key pointers to making sure you find the right partner to ensure your practice flourishes.




Dr Simon Poole’s module provides advice for practices looking to recruit a new partner.

After reading these articles you will be asked to record your learning points and some action points to earn a suggested 1 CPD credits. Below are some ideas to reflect on as you work through the module.

  • If you are about to advertise a partnership vacancy, are there any steps in Dr Poole’s advice that you haven’t yet considered? (e.g. establish objective criteria, plan your recruitment schedule, plan questions and scoring system for interviews
  • If you will expect to be recruiting a new partner in the medium-term future, are there any steps you could take now to increase the chances of finding strong candidates? e.g. by forming links with the local deanery, or recruiting newly-qualified GPs for locum sessions?
  • If you haven’t yet decided whether your preferred option would be to recruit a salaried GP in preference to a new partner, have you fully considered all the non-financial benefits of a new partner and weighed them into your list of pros and cons?

Readers' comments (1)

  • Very good. Point 6 is often overlooked - the need to discuss premises ownership from the outset (in practices where that is relevant). Too often this is left for a discussion "at a later date" or after the new partner has got through his or her probation. But if the new partner refuses to buy in at that stage it can lead to ill feeling, and splits in the partnerhsip between property owners and non-property owners. If the "culture" of the partnership is that partners own the premises then it should be made clear while you are recruiting that buying in after probation is "part of the deal". This may deter some candidates - but only the wrong candidates.
    Oliver Pool, VWV

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