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Non-Covid clinical crises: Temporal (giant cell) arteritis

Pulse’s series on how to manage non-Covid subacute problems when you’re out of your comfort zone and there’s minimal help available

Key questions on visual problems in older patients (1.5 CPD hours)

Ophthalmologists Professor Harminder Dua, Dr Mohamed Elalfy and Miss Dalia Said answers GP Dr Mel Wynne Jones’ questions on glaucoma drug choice, age-related macular degeneration and when to suspect temporal arteritis.

Key questions on ocular disorders (1.5 CPD hours)

In this 2014 update, ophthalmologists Miss Claire Daniel and Dr Swan Kang answer questions from GP Dr Melanie Wynne-Jones on the difference between scleritis and episcleritis, the common GP mistakes in ophthalmic patients, and vitamin supplements for wet AMD.

Managing common eye conditions (1 CPD hour)

Dr Waqaar Shar presents on five common eye conditions, and how to treat them in a primary care setting. 

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The information: meibomian cysts

Consultant ophthalmic surgeons Dr Gilli Vafidis and Dr Vickie Lee discuss meibomian cysts using PUNs and DENs

Ten top tips – Eyelid disorders

Consultant ophthalmic surgeon Miss Claire Daniel and registrar Dr Hannah Timlin with their tips for GPs on diagnosing and managing eyelid problems.

Statins increase risk of cataracts, says latest study

The latest clinical news, research, guidance and conference news- as it happens. Friday 20th September

Ten GP questions on ophthalmology answered by a specialist

The latest clinical news, research, guidance and conference news- as it happens. Friday 13th September

Key questions on eye and eyelid conditions (1 CPD hour)

Mr Hugo Henderson, consultant ophthalmic and ocuplastic surgeon, answers questions from GP Dr Mandy Fry