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Cremation forms

The only documentation now needed from primary care is the form 4 (part 1)

This information is sourced from the RCGP:

A doctor is now able to sign both the death certificate and cremation paperwork

The form 5 (part 2) is no longer needed

A form 4 can be done by a doctor who didn t know the patient in life if:

  • The usual GP is unavailable
  • The GP who signs the form 4 knows the cause of death to the best of their knowledge and belief
  • A doctor has seen the patient within the 28 days before death or after death

The patient should have been seen by a doctor in the last 28 days of life (in person or by video), or after death (in line with new verification of death guidance)

The form can be signed, scanned and sent by secure email to the funeral director

Alternatively it can be downloaded and the fact of being sent from a secure email will count as a signature

If signed and scanned, a copy should be sent in the post or retained for collection at a later date

If you are filling out a cremation form for a patient who you have never seen in life, or have not seen after death, then some of the boxes will not be appropriate further information on what to write is on this e-learning document from the RCGP


RCGP Learning Changes to death certification

Published: 06/05/2020