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GP trainee pay cut, dementia in late 40s ‘more common’ and the ‘Jolie’ gene drug restricted by NICE

Dementia victims are getting younger, according to the Times’ front page. Patients are diagnosed earlier than 20 years ago, with the disease ‘regularly being diagnosed in their late 40s’, analysts said.

Looking at possible causes, researchers said there was ‘not one single factor’ although chemicals and pollution could be to blame, although perhaps it is just that we have got better at diagnosing the disease? The study compared data from 1989 to 2009 from 25 countries including the UK.

NICE will not recommend prescribing a ‘life saving’ ovarian cancer drug until the patient has gone through three rounds of chemotherapy, according to the Telegraph. The drug is used to treat cancers caused by genetics, also now known as the ‘Jolie’ gene, after Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, who famously carries it, says the paper.

Meanwhile the Daily Mail reveals that GPs will be urged to send chubby toddlers to fat classes ‘as soon as they can walk’, where the kids will be fed raw vegetables and parents taught about portion sizes.

If there are any GPs left, as the Guardian reports on a warning from the BMA that scrapping a subsidy for trainee GPs may lead to even greater shortages than there already are, as Pulse first reported back in January.



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