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GP practices advised of QOF payment errors following data ‘glitch’

NHS data chiefs are sending out re-calculated QOF payments to GP practices after a computer error led many to receive statements that fell thousands of pounds short of what they were owed.

The error came about because of a glitch with the initial CQRS data extraction, Pulse understands.

NHS Digital apologised to GPs, saying it has now resolved the problem and will be sending out adjusted payment totals.

The problem came to light for practices in the north-west of England when they realised that their payments were out, in some cases leaving them with big shortfalls.

Dr Neil Paul, a GP in South Cheshire, told Pulse: ‘Several of our local practice managers are reporting that although their QOF statements are reporting the right number of points, for some reason they are showing hundreds if not thousands of pounds down on what they are expecting.’

Dr Richard Vautrey, GPC deputy chair, said: ‘We have been made aware of the problem by NHS Digital but it has now been resolved.

‘All practices should get what’s due is just because that first extraction there was a glitch in the system that they to correct. Practices will receive notification of one payment and then a second adjustment payment, they should be reassured that the final amount as adjusted is the correct one.’

Dr Vautrey added: ‘NHS Digital as I understand it are going to put something out to practices to explain what has happened. Practices shouldn’t worry about it they should get an explanation as to why there are two figures on their notification.’

NHS Digital said in a statement: ‘The “glitch” relates to a CQRS system correction when calculating aspiration payments, which could mean that some payments will be accompanied by an adjustment.

‘We apologise for any confusion this may cause and are contacting GPs to advise them.’