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Practices allowed to invite LMC observers to CQC inspections

Exclusive GPs concerned about their impending CQC inspection can have a representative from their LMC present, in order to ‘ensure the appropriate conduct of visits’ and give advice on future appeals, the CQC has said.

Kent LMC have already advised their member practices that they should notify the office if they wish a representative to attend as ‘observers’, but GPC leaders have warned that LMCs are unlikely to be able to attend all inspections.

Dr Robert Morley, GPC lead on contracts and regulations, told Pulse it would be perfectly reasonable request but was ‘symptomatic’ of practices’ ‘complete lack of faith’ in the CQC and its processes.

Dr Morley told Pulse: ‘It could certainly be helpful both to ensure appropriate conduct of visits, assist and advise the process, and prevent subsequent need for dispute and appeals.

‘I think though that, as you say, it would place a huge burden on many LMCs who are unlikely to have the capacity to attend all inspections.’

‘The fact that so many practices feel they need this is symptomatic of the complete lack of faith and trust they have in CQC and its processes.’

A spokesperson for the CQC told Pulse: ‘The CQC is indeed happy for GPs to request for a LMC representative to be present during their CQC inspection.’


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