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30. Dr Kartik Modha

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No one has done more than Dr Modha to harness social media to improve general practice. His 3,800-strong Tiko’s GP Group on Facebook celebrates its fifth year of helping GPs network and share best practice.

The entrepreneurial GP has broadened his reach with, which helps GPs and patients find recommended specialists. It has more than 5,000 recommendations for clinicians across the UK, and 1.5 million profile views. It has been nominated for health tech start-up of the year.

He says he ‘is passionate about using technology to increase connectivity between clinicians and improve patient care, so will be focused on continuing to lead both digital health projects to facilitate this’.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, he lists Apple founder Steve Jobs as his hero, because of his ‘unwavering belief that things could be better’. Dr Modha continues to show that he shares such a vision.

Why influential: The most tech-savvy GP around

Surprising fact: Believes time is more valuable than money

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