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Health messages for the ladies, win a brand new baby and stop nagging your husband

The Mail's daily round up of health advicetakes the form of a three pronged-message today: expectant mothers can drink during their pregnancy, cutting back on your salt intake is not going to stop a heart attack and looking after your teeth will help you conceive quicker.

According to researchers mothers can drink during pregnancy, as their work shows drinking one or two glasses of wine a week will not cause premature birth or harm the foetus's growth. The paper also reports that women trying for a baby should keep their teeth in good condition, as preventing gum disease can help you conceive quicker. And despite being told for years that too much salt is bad for you, the Mail claims writes this advice is rubbish and cutting back is potentially bad for your heart a study has found.

The Euro millions may be rolling over for another week but people will soon have the chance to buy another kind of lottery ticket, the Daily Telegraph says.  The charity To Hatch has been granted a gambling license to sell tickets to couples who can ‘win a baby' through an IVF lottery.The £20 tickets will be sold once a month with the top prize being, £25,000 of IVF treatment.

Good news for bickering couples today as the Express reports that a new medicine is being launched that claims it can tame the nastiest of nags. The herbal medicine apparently restores a woman's hormonal balance to stop her nagging. Celebrations all round for hen-pecked husbands.

And Pulse has been warning you for some time now, but it's news to The Guardian when NHS Deputy Chief Executive David Flory says NHS waiting time targets are not likely to be met. Mr Flory blasted the hospitals performance as ‘unacceptable' for not meeting the 18 week target for seeing patient after referral by a GP.