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Key motions and full agenda for the English LMCs conference 2017

Key motions

Leaving the NHS

BEDFORDSHIRE: Given that a number of GPs genuinely feel that they can no longer operate within the NHS, conference calls on GPC England to urgently look at how these GPs can be supported to operate within a private, alternative model.

GP Forward View

OXFORDSHIRE: Given the vote of no confidence in the GP Forward View at the Conference of LMCs in Edinburgh earlier this year, conference insists that GPC England negotiates improvements in the GP Forward View to ensure that money reaches practices directly without additional bureaucracy or additional workload requirements, and adequate improvements cannot be achieved within one year, GPC England must publicly dissociate itself from GP Forward View.

List closures

AGENDA COMMITTEE TO BE PROPOSED BY CLEVELAND: That conference asks GPC England to enter into discussions with NHS England:

(i) to develop a new category of list closure that would allow a practice to close its list in agreement with the commissioners, and in the interest of patient safety, so that it can, for a period, decline to accept new registrations from patients who have not changed address

(ii) to improve financial support to practices taking on patients following a list dispersal with the creation of a centrally negotiated payment per patient

(iii) to work towards funding to practices taking on patients after a list dispersal flowing in ‘real time’ and not in arrears at quarter-end,

(iv) so that commissioners must agree the terms of any list dispersal with the LMC(s) involved to ensure neighbouring practices taking on extra workload are supported appropriately and not destabilised.


AGENDA COMMITTEE TO BE PROPOSED BY BEDFORDSHIRE That conference instructs GPC England to negotiate with government:

(i) an extension to the deadline for the reimbursement package including contributions to Stamp Duty Land Tax, VAT, legal costs and service charge management fees

(ii) a guarantee that the ‘last man standing’ in a partnership will have the building either bought back or the remaining lease taken over by the government

(iii) that the lease liability for non-NHS Property Services (NHS PS) should be accepted by NHS England in the same way as for NHS PS premises

(iv) to ensure equivalent investment in partner owned premises as in purpose built and NHS Property service buildings

(v) that NHS Property Services be dissolved and the properties to be devolved to CCGs

Primary care support services


(i) make the return of the delivery of primary care support functions to the public domain a central demand in the next round of contract negotiations

(ii) urgently address Capita’s failure to correctly collect superannuation contributions in England and seek recompense for those practitioners affected

(iii) demand that NHS England prioritise PCSE service improvement with regard to financial statements so that practices can undertake informed business planning.

Source: BMA

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