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Performers lists must be more flexible

There is another factor that needs to be taken into account before PCTs decide to insist on out-of-hours sessions being worked only by GPs from a local performers list – the fact that it is only possible for a doctor to be registered on one performers list at any one time.

Trusts insist on local GPs in out-of-hours overhaul

I recently supplied a reference for a doctor applying to switch from the Medway list to one in Hertfordshire. This doctor lives north of London, but for personal reasons has worked several regular sessions each month for us, in addition to her work in Hertfordshire, for several years.

The out-of-hours provider in Hertfordshire had just introduced a policy whereby the doctor needed to be on a list local to them if she was to continue working there.

Should we ever be forced to introduce a similar policy in Kent, we risk losing the services of this excellent GP, who knows our local health set-up in great detail.

In such (albeit rare) cases, might there be an argument for allowing a doctor to maintain simultaneous registration on two performers lists?

From Dr Simon Collins, GP clinical lead, Medway On Call Care, Chatham Maritime, Kent