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Uncheerful cheerleaders, another legal high is banned and say hello to ‘Mr Fruitness’

By Laura Passi

Our roundup of health news headlines on Friday 23 July.

The Daily Mail's article this morning headlined 'EUs 11m to tell us fruit is healthy' is dripping with scorn. Millions of pounds have been ‘squandered' to reach this ‘unsurprising' verdict, mostly on a cartoon character called ‘Mr Fruitness' (check him out, he's awesome) who attempts to get kiddies to eat more fruit. As childhood obesity expands (so to speak) why on earth would we spend money on trying to get children to eat more healthily…?

Cheerleaders in America receive the crushing news that their routines do not count as sport. The Daily Telegraph reports a court ruling that ‘cheerleading was deemed too "disorganised" for full sporting status'. This was strongly contested by cheerleaders, who argued that ‘competitive cheerleading consists of intense two-and-a-half minute routines which are scored like gymnastics.'

Good news for legal high-takers as one fewer drug which risks psychiatric and/or heart conditions is now available to them. The Metro informs us that ‘a second so-called party drug will lose its "legal high" status.' NRG-1 naphyrone, similar to mephedrone, will be banned because it was a ‘contributing factor to one person's death'.

And we end on another high note from The Guardian: 'Fewer children are smoking drinking or taking drugs.' Hooray! Maybe children can sort themselves out after all. (Who else feels silly for defending Mr Fruitness?)

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