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Unpaid NHS workers, IVF rules to be widened and the ‘hospital grub scandal’

Women in their 40s and same-sex couples will be offered infertility treatment under draft NICE guidelines, the newspapers report this morning.

The Daily Mail says NICE is considering offering one full cycle of IVF to women aged 40 to 42 and free IVF to gay and lesbian couples as long as they have tried – and failed – to have a baby at least six times using a private fertility clinics.

A scheme that allows unemployed job seekers to work unpaid while looking after patients in hospital has been accused of being ‘health care on the cheap’.

The Government-backed work experience scheme is set to be introduced across Sandwell and West Birmingham hospitals trust following a successful pilot scheme, says the Daily Telegraph.

Meanwhile, the Sun looks at the ‘hospital grub scandal’ that means a Big Mac is healthier than 75% of NHS meals. According to the newspaper, one curry served to patients had SIX (sic) times more fat than a KFC Zinger Burger with fries.