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Warning of ‘devastating’ NHS cuts; statins prevent prostate cancer and The Guardian gets all nostalgic

Our roundup of health news headlines on Monday 28 June.

The Telegraph storms through this morning with a front-page warning that most GPs would know already – ‘NHS suffering devastating cuts to jobs and services'.

The revelation comes after a BMA survey showed that 40% of doctors reported that certain procedures were being rationed and that 43% said there had been a recruitment freeze on doctors and nurses.

In other news, statins may help prevent prostate cancer returning in men who undergo surgery for the disease, a US study suggests. The Daily Mail reports the drugs make 30% less likely patients will suffer a relapse, compared to those who do not take statins.

The Guardian is singing the praises of the Finsbury Health Centre this morning . Last week we revealed that local GPs are being given the responsibility to decide it's fate, and the newspaper is pleading that this 'priceless social and architectural icon' should not be left to be 'turned into yet another restaurant or gym'.

This sudden emotional outburst has nothing to do with it being just across the road from the newspaper's offices, of course.

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Daily Digest - 28 June 2010