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Lord Darzi’s a what now?

Copperfield's spotted an outbreak of decidedly industrial language - from a GP no less - in an official report to the Department of Health

I know that most of the discussion regarding the recent National Institute for Health Research report about the effects of financial incentives on clinical practice has centred around the 'Pharmacists – are they just devious mercenary robbing bastards like us, and if they are, will they ever be as good at it?' stuff (see my previous post here).

But I just can't let the story slip into the realms of history without bigging up the anonymous GP who, in a quote buried in the depths of the report (p110 if you want to check), offered the following bon mot regarding that GP favourite Lord Darzi.

I quote verbatim:

'He needs his head kicking in. He knows jack shit about general practice.'

Sir, wherever you may be, I salute you.

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