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‘This will help GPs pick up patients who currently fall out of the diagnostic net’

Professor Willie Hamilton, NICE’s clinical lead for the guidelines development group, explains the radical changes to NICE’s cancer guideline

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Readers' comments (6)

  • Refer it. End of matter. Let them do the work.

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  • " GP judgement trumps anything written in the guidelines.."
    Good, we can completely ignore this fantasist.
    Why not ask GPs what would actually help, instead of asking aliens from another planet?

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  • Russell Thorpe

    @2.34 Re GP judgement I think Prof means you can refer even if the pt doesnt meet the criteria if you suspect cancer rather than you dont refer if tthey meet the criteria but you dont suspect cancer. So its an inclusive statement rather than an exclusive statement.
    Ca bowel at an early stage is a difficult diagnosis at any age personally Im guided by the transferrin saturation. If thats low there is usually a reason not always cancer but investigation usually finds something significant.

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  • It is simple really, give us access to diagnostics within a reasonable timeframe and see the survival stats improve. Little to do with "GPs not spotting cancer"!

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  • To match European survival in reality you need to match the systems. Patients are not children even though sometimes nhs and this government treats them as such with various policies. The most cost effective way is treat patients as adults and as adults let patients self refer via tick box to the cancer specialist directly and.bypassing GPS all together. It would cut down on ae attendances all together. At present GPS are being used as a scape goat for crap government policies

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  • Conflict of interest-I am a Radiologist. GP's do not have access to our scanners. Easier access will increase our work. Currently our machines are whizzing away much much faster than we can report. Scans are being tele reported by god knows who. All my older colleagues are retiring as soon as the can. Vacencies are unfilled everywhere. There is a DGH in England with one radiologist left. NICE does not look at practicalities. 95% of cancer referrals are normal now so that figure will head towards 100%! We are pandering to the worried well.

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