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Are we seeing the start of Long Vaccine?

Looking through the NHS England primary care update this morning,

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General practice is open – and help us get this message out

Two years ago, we ran a huge snapshot survey on

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Can we afford the luxury of evidence-based medicine?

Yesterday, NHS England announced they have cleared the QCovid tool

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Old habits die hard

With ‘unprecedented’ and ‘new normal’ being the words of the

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Just because you’re paranoid…

The former RCGP chair Professor Dame Clare Gerada makes a

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A litany of mistakes and now 100,000 dead

Herd immunity. Back to normal in 12 weeks. Game changer

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Elegantly wasted

Reports that some vaccinators (GPs and trusts) were being told

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Lukewarm credit where it is due

This week, I tweeted very lukewarm praise of the Government’s

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GPs are ready – is the Government?

In my editorial in the January issue, published online on

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Despite everything, we have reason to hope

In March, I didn’t have the heart to contradict friends

The Christmas dilemma

As you can imagine, there tends to be a fair

The vaccine is life-changing – so why doesn’t the cost reflect this?

First, let’s get this straight: the announcement around the Covid

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This has to be done

Traditionally, the December editorial is a chance to take a

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The message must be loud and clear

This week I appeared for the second time on the

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