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This has to be done

Traditionally, the December editorial is a chance to take a

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The message must be loud and clear

This week I appeared for the second time on the

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A giant leap for mankind, but an insurmountable step for GPs?

In a world desperate for good news, Pulse’s world exclusive

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GPs are fair game right now

The graffiti that was daubed on the wall of a

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No cause for celebration over vaccines yet

Pulse reported last week that NHS England are planning to

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Blood test fiasco highlights the problems with prioritising Covid

When Pulse broke the news last week that GPs were

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ARRS about face

Pulse revealed this week that less than half of the

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Without GP goodwill, I fear for this unprecedented winter

Government advisors are warning that coronavirus is spreading again. If

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Breaches of trust

The Prime Minister yesterday gave one of his sadly too

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Et tu, NHS England?

There’s only one issue to discuss this week – that

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An inconvenient truth

The Scottish Government announced last week that it intends to roll

An F in disaster

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PHEnomenal arrogance

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