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Building a better general practice

The Mail on Sunday’s campaign for GPs to ‘open up’

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Paying the price for your success

Today, the Government has put out an announcement heralding the

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Hindsight is so 2020

Dominic Cummings’ appearance in Parliament was fascinating, and real car

Winning back hearts and minds

In my nine years at Pulse, I can’t remember the

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Show a little bottle(neck)

If my GP was to knock at my door today

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Why ‘I don’t see colour’ isn’t enough

I know many readers will have read the cover feature

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Don’t waste this crisis

When Professor Dame Clare Gerada says that burnout is worse

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An open goal

Amid the pressures of the vaccine programme, and all the

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The AZ issue is a headache for everyone

It goes without saying that every case where someone has

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I fear the only solution to GP workload will never happen

Chatting with Copperfield about his column, I was playing devil’s

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It is time to retire the ‘NHS is being sold off’ bogeyman

You may have seen the story recently around a US

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The seeds of the past year were sown over the past decade

In this week of reflection, there is little point in

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The A to Z of how to create a moral panic

Jonathan van Tam said a few weeks ago that, in

A speck in the distance

Let me allow you a glimpse behind the curtain. The

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