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Gaslighting the boiling frog

You might be aware of the boiling frog fable. It

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A kick in the teeth for all GPs

In hindsight, my blog from yesterday looks charmingly naïve. What

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With support like this

The health secretary’s latest attempt to court popularity with GPs

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Winter is here

I am currently writing this from my sick bed, having

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Repeat after me: appointments up, GP numbers down

In September 2015, there were 28,100 fully qualified FTE  GPs

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There is no such thing as a ‘right’ to face-to-face appointments

This past week has been a traumatic one for GPs.

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False memory syndrome

It’s long been a contention of mine that the inability

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Flu communications strategy has left me cold

In every weekly news meeting, I’ve been imploring the team

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Enough is enough

The GP bashing has ramped up this week, to the

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A better general practice in practice

When I came up with the idea to formulate a

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Convenient scapegoats

The news this week that some practices have faced bomb

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Boom and bust

Around this time last year, Pulse ran a series of

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Business as usual? Building a Better General Practice

Our Building a Better General Practice campaign has been a

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Goodbye to a passionate defender of the NHS

On Monday morning, our features assistant Ellie received a call

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