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Practices are not businesses

Whenever the issue of NHS privatisation is brought up, there

It’s in their DNA

How enthused are we all about the leadership contenders for

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The ‘part time’ fallacy

You may have seen the front page of the Sunday

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Too much and not enough

At the start of the week, I had a dilemma

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Crisis, what crisis? (Redux)

A week is a long time in politics. In seven

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The temporary health secretary

In my Covid-induced brain fog writing our breaking news story

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When do we admit defeat?

There might be some disagreement around the GP recruitment crisis. 

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Strike only when the iron is hot

The BMA’ annual representative meeting yesterday took a hugely significant

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MPIG might fly

It has always struck me as odd that GP practices

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Racism starts at the very top

The BMA’s report today on racism will sadly be of

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What if Capita was a GP practice…

The news yesterday that NHS England had extended the contract

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Sexism at the BMA: Representation matters

As editor, I’ve often turned my nose up at internal

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The GMC on trial

Last Thursday, I spoke to the Doncaster BAME GP forum

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Salaried and locum GPs need proper representation

Last week, at the UK LMCs Conference, the leader of

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