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We need a proper commission for care quality

It’s not often the CQC gets praise on these pages,

The prickly issue of the vaccine mandate

I am, as you might expect for the editor of

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The NHS won’t ‘collapse’        

Every year, around September, many – including Pulse – pronounce

The real privatisation

This year, the new health bill will usher in yet

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Look who has come crawling back

It truly is amazing how the human mind makes connections

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(Not quite) reaping what they have sown

We are at a point when relatively sensible ideas like

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A short-term boost

I’m broadly in favour of the Government’s decision to further

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My hope for a better 2022

I don’t think many GPs will be too sad to

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It’s not just cricket

You don’t have to be a cricket fan to have

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If NHS England was serious about patient access…

Our exclusive this morning, which revealed that the data used

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I don’t envy the GPC chair

It is quite easy for me to sit here and

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Radicalism (in moderation)

The fight back starts now, it seems. The BMA’s GP

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Gaslighting the boiling frog

You might be aware of the boiling frog fable. It

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A kick in the teeth for all GPs

In hindsight, my blog from yesterday looks charmingly naïve. What

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