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GPs must ‘jointly manage’ elective care backlog with hospitals, says NHSE

GPs and hospitals must ‘jointly manage’ patients stuck in the

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MDU: GPs face ‘needless’ FTP investigations if five-year limit scrapped

Scrapping the five-year expiry date on fitness-to-practise (FTP) complaints risks

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NHS to resume collection of GP practice complaints data

Collection of information on complaints to GP practices will resume

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‘Return to NHSE negotiations imminently’, health secretary urges BMA

Exclusive The health secretary has written to the BMA, asking

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Weight management DES ‘fundamentally flawed’, says BMA in scathing statement

The new weight management DES is ‘fundamentally flawed’, both clinically

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Expect ‘difficult winter’ with both flu and Covid wave, warns CMO

GPs should expect a resurgence of flu cases alongside another

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NHS England announces £20m for new GP weight management DES

NHS England has announced £20m of new funding for a

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Spread among young people drives 50% rise in Covid infections

Covid infections are now doubling every 11 days in England,

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Just one GP required on ICS boards that will replace CCGs as commissioners

Just one GP will be required to be appointed to

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Mandatory vaccination confirmed for care homes and may extend to GP practices

GPs visiting care homes will need to be fully vaccinated

Treasury pension mistake could affect GPs for decades, MPs warn

GPs and other members of the public sector pension scheme

Patients to be offered health checks during flu and Covid vaccination from autumn

Patients dropping in for flu and top-up Covid vaccinations this

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Doctors’ health could be ‘endangered’ by FTP change proposals, say GP MDOs

Proposals for GMC to investigate doctors with health concerns under

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