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Katie Musgrave

How long will we put up with this?

Recently, GPs reacted with fury to the ‘advice’ from NHS

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If anxiety was an infectious disease, we’d be declaring an epidemic

Another week of speaking to the depressed and anxious. Aren’t we

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The obvious solution to the crisis in GP workload

It’s heartening to hear the various calls for a solution

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But… hasn’t our NHS always been overwhelmed?

It’s been said that the extraordinary current measures – a

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The Government and their scientists need a dose of the GP’s pragmatism

It’s been a logistical nightmare to deliver medical services in

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Previews of the Year – 2021

DR PETE DEVESON: As I sit writing my annual prediction

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Overwhelming GPs will lead to long-term patient harm

While going through my training years, I moved around various

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Is the cure worse than the disease?

What effect has Covid-19 had on you this year? Perhaps you’ve

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The vaccine is a ‘111 first’ car crash waiting to happen

I wanted to reflect on an announcement that’s seemed so

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Save us, NHSE

It’s set to be a challenging winter. Look around, and you

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The ‘whack a mole’ approach to Covid testing must stop

Back in July, I wrote a piece for this publication

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The tsunami of demand is here

Dr Katie Musgrave

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