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David Turner

Miracles while you wait

‘Surely other people are in this position also, surely there’s

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I’ve never been prouder to be a GP

I’ve never been prouder to be a GP than I

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Sometimes we have to stand up to the bullies

Yes, I found this rather disturbing also, but I was

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Nothing as certain as death and taxes

Nothing is certain in life, except death and taxes, they

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Primary care, your community-based panacea!

‘Instructions to GP: Please monitor haemoglobin and provide top-up transfusions

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It’s time to examine the gift horse

‘Never look a gift horse in the mouth’ my grandmother

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Do we actually need all of secondary care?

The title to this blog may seem flippant – there

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An alert system would prove how busy we are

‘GPs busy, yeah we’ve heard it all before, change the

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To be jabbed or not to be jabbed

‘I can’t catch Covid, I have the sun in my

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Dignity at the end of life

‘I’ve had a wonderful life. I had an interesting career,

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Always the admin

It’s always the admin that’s the problem. During my time

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What is driving GPs out of the profession?

Whenever I talk to non-medical people about my job, they

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All hands on deck

‘Well if nobody else will, I’ll go and get the

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Forms need no reformation

Of all the petty-minded bureaucracy, idiotic tick-boxing and counterproductive diktats

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