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How can we fight when we don’t know what we want?

To say it’s been a challenging time for general practice

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Emergency services are in need of intensive care

The NHS has never had a great track record for

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Suffer little children

A few years back, I developed a resilience programme for

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My blueprint for GP survival

I’ve been a GP for 21 years now and I

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Alexa, why am I working a 12-hour day?

Ever since the first lockdown, Amazon has taken over my

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The duplicity of wellbeing

Another NHS England bulletin and another catalogue of websites offered

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What’s in a name?

When I was a young kid, I used to beg

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Reclaim the streets

I live in hope that the outrage at the abduction

From clap to slap

As we approach the anniversary of our first national lockdown,

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The abandoned generation

The current pandemic has amplified the increasing polarisation permeating human

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Vaccination on the cheap

By the time you’re reading this, it’s likely most practices

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A dot in a lifetime

The time has come to reflect on the year, Through

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When the safety I’d felt as a GP changed

Fourteen years ago, I recall driving to my interview at

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Sometimes there is no substitute for face to face

The past few months have seen GPs vilified, for both

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