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GPs will need to risk assess mass patient data extraction, says ICO

Exclusive Each GP practice will need to perform a data

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CCGs told to relax GP enhanced services demands to support vaccination effort

NHS England has asked CCGs to ‘minimise any burden’ on

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GP working hours decreased before pandemic hit, finds official workload audit

A Government-commissioned survey has said that GPs were working on

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GPs link uptick in abuse from patients to NHSE face-to-face order

Exclusive GPs have told Pulse their practices have received abuse

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Mail accuses Pulse of ‘rabble rousing’ over GP fury at F2F row

The Mail on Sunday has accused Pulse of ‘rabble-rousing’ over

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Treatment backlog is ‘public health crisis’ and a ‘big ask’ on GPs, NHSE director admits

Addressing the Covid-related backlog in treatment and restoring services is

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‘No plans’ for 2021/22 QOF suspension or income protection, says NHSE

NHS England has said that it has ‘no plans’ to

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Airline requests for mask exemption letters risk ‘distraction for GPs’

Some airlines are still asking travellers exempt from wearing a

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New medical evidence requirement for whiplash claims set ‘to increase GP workload’

New Government rules requiring whiplash claimants to provide medical evidence

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Gerada: GP patient lists should be ‘pooled’ across PCNs

GP patient lists should be pooled across PCNs as part

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Quarter of GPs say PCN opted out of phase 2 of Covid vaccinations, citing workload

Almost a quarter of GP partners in England say their

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My vision for algorithm-based GP triage

Dr Ed Turnham argues that technological advances are not a

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New GP data extraction ‘far exceeds’ plans, warn privacy campaigners

New automatic extractions of data from GP-held patient records, due

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NHSE asking GP practices to justify ‘low’ levels of F2F appointments

Exclusive NHS England is monitoring how many face-to-face appointments GP

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