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Practices are not businesses

Whenever the issue of NHS privatisation is brought up, there

‘Removing atypical funding was the last straw’

A statement from spokesperson for Central Lakes Medical Group following

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Spending millions while Rome burns

 I don’t know about you, but I’m fast reaching some

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It’s in their DNA

How enthused are we all about the leadership contenders for

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Good medical practice changes will not open the floodgates to investigations

The GMC responds to Pulse’s story on criticism of its

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Leading questions: How can PCNs improve public health?

Professor Jim McManus, president of the Association of Directors of

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Sharing my shared decision-making certificate with you

I’m going to sound a bit mad here. But I’ve

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Letters: ‘We are having to work 75-hour weeks’

A number of readers shared their experience of full-time working

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‘We’re in a good place (or system)’: LMC’s update on NHS reorganisation

Dr Julius Parker, chief executive of Surrey and Sussex LMCs,

The ‘part time’ fallacy

You may have seen the front page of the Sunday

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Sackwell and Binthorpe bulletin: Jeremy Hunt, a beacon of hindsight

Hi again, primary care fans. It’s Penny here, from the

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