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Science is not on the side of the delayed second doses

Many a colleague and healthcare worker who have contacted me

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Reaction to the new GP contract for 2021/22

This year’s new GP contract has been released. GPs have their

Vaccination on the cheap

By the time you’re reading this, it’s likely most practices

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Let us champion the homeless in the league of Covid need

It’s an anathema to many health carers to adhere to

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Elegantly wasted

Reports that some vaccinators (GPs and trusts) were being told

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How we vaccinated our housebound patients

Tips and shared experience from Dr Simon Bradley and Dr

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A better new year would be divine

It’s just as well that some of the mooted Covid

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Let us vaccinate

There has never been a health crisis like that caused

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In full: NHS England letter on Covid vaccination in care homes

The next stage on Covid vaccination in older adult care

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Lukewarm credit where it is due

This week, I tweeted very lukewarm praise of the Government’s

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Are we really all in the vaccine delivery programme together?

It’s a complicated time anyway at the moment. But life

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In full: BMA and RCGP workload prioritisation guidance

The BMA and RCGP have updated their joint guidance on

In full: NHS England letter on freeing up practice time

Freeing up practices to support Covid vaccination To: GPs in

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