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No cause for celebration over vaccines yet

Pulse reported last week that NHS England are planning to

Avoiding another lockdown could harm all our patients

The recent letter from several GPs to the health secretary

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Being a patient in the time of Covid

It’s the time of the month. It’s hormones. It’s my

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Enjoying those SMRs they have these days? That’s ‘Structured Medication

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Dither, delay, disaster

On 21 September, the influential SAGE group produced a paper

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Blood test fiasco highlights the problems with prioritising Covid

When Pulse broke the news last week that GPs were

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We’re going to be snowed under

If we’re not fully in a winter of discontent, then

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ARRS about face

Pulse revealed this week that less than half of the

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The ‘whack a mole’ approach to Covid testing must stop

Back in July, I wrote a piece for this publication

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Ground control to GMC

Ah, just for a moment there I thought the GMC

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Without GP goodwill, I fear for this unprecedented winter

Government advisors are warning that coronavirus is spreading again. If

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Test and trace is failing – we need GPs’ expertise to make it work

The NHS’s test and trace system isn’t working. Why? Because

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Should we be so angry at that NHS England letter?

Dr Martin Brunet suggests the notorious missive might actually work

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