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If you want my advice…

The Pulse editor referred me to many topical stories other

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Mind games

GPs are being asked to carry out an impossible workload

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A short-term boost

I’m broadly in favour of the Government’s decision to further

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Medicopolitics is the art of the risible

Look, I’ll level with you. I’m good at sore throats,

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My hope for a better 2022

I don’t think many GPs will be too sad to

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Sometimes a punch in the face is the only solution

Yes, I found this rather disturbing also, but I was

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The GPC chair’s top priority? Remind people why we exist

As I may have mentioned a million times before, every

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It’s not just cricket

You don’t have to be a cricket fan to have

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CPD: Making primary care greener

Learning Objectives – This module reviews:  Reducing carbon footprints in

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If NHS England was serious about patient access…

Our exclusive this morning, which revealed that the data used

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We need to talk

Dr Lisa Finnikin on why she set up the #YourGP

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150k reasons to ignore the 150k rule

I hate to remind you high earners out there. But

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