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Every contact leaves a trace

A few years ago, I was on holiday when I

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An equal shot

Primary care at scale can improve patient care if it

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Say it to my face, Sajid

‘It is high time GPs started operating in the way

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False memory syndrome

It’s long been a contention of mine that the inability

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Suffer little children

A few years back, I developed a resilience programme for

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GPs’ time must not be taken for granted

I’m sure I’m not the only GP who’s despaired at

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Flu communications strategy has left me cold

In every weekly news meeting, I’ve been imploring the team

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Let’s get physical

The diagnostic process 2021: patient brings in printout of weird

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Could GPs do more to see patients in person?

Yes Face-to-face consultations are still the gold standard Dr Irfan

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Sackwell & Binthorpe: taking steps to cut red tape and gun crime

Penny here again, with your regular update from the primary

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Enough is enough

The GP bashing has ramped up this week, to the

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Nanomanaged to death

I’m sorry to bang on about PCN matters again, but

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My blueprint for GP survival

I’ve been a GP for 21 years now and I

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IIF is just a nasty QOF

Let’s hope the national grid can cope with every practice’s

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