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‘The silence on industrial action is deafening’

Dr Clare Sieber resigned from the BMA GP Committee after

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Scaling up with new hope

Dr Pramit Patel finds cause for optimism in an increased

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We need a proper commission for care quality

It’s not often the CQC gets praise on these pages,

Panic booking

Over the years, I’ve experienced some pretty outrageous patient behaviour.

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The prickly issue of the vaccine mandate

I am, as you might expect for the editor of

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I’ve never been prouder to be a GP

I’ve never been prouder to be a GP than I

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Human touch medicine

Recently, access to general practice has been scrutinised in the

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Is autonomy dead?

Autonomy. Remember that bastion of medical ethics? The principle where we

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Dump and dumper

I realise we GPs have a reputation for moaning, especially

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The NHS won’t ‘collapse’        

Every year, around September, many – including Pulse – pronounce

I hate defensive notes so sue me

I guess that fairly high on your New Year resolution

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