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All hands on deck

‘Well if nobody else will, I’ll go and get the

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This has to be done

Traditionally, the December editorial is a chance to take a

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Is the cure worse than the disease?

What effect has Covid-19 had on you this year? Perhaps you’ve

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Covid took my Appa from my life

Dr Suthan Ulakanathan tells the story of how his family

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Home oximetry is where it’s @

If you’re breathless with excitement over Christmas, then do I

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The message must be loud and clear

This week I appeared for the second time on the

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The vaccine is a ‘111 first’ car crash waiting to happen

I wanted to reflect on an announcement that’s seemed so

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Anti-vaxxers can learn from MMR fiasco

Anthony Barton reviews Brian Deer’s book ‘The doctor who fooled

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GPs are the right people for the job

After ten months of doom and gloom, the Pfizer vaccine

Bonfire of the inanities

I make absolutely no apologies for writing another blog on

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‘Death threats were flying around after we stopped hydroxychloroquine trials’

Eleanor Philpotts talks to Professor Chris Butler, GP and lead

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‘This vaccine could help achieve herd immunity’

The R0 for Covid-19 is probably of the order of

It’s beginning to look a lot like Covid

I’ve not seen the detail of the Covid vaccine DES

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