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Open or shut, it’s what’s inside that counts

Back in the days when a clip round the ear

Covid plans need an allotment more thought

Sorry, I’m a little late to the Fruit and Veg

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General practice hasn’t vanished, but I wish community pharmacy would

Hard to judge, wasn’t it, when the managing director of

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NHSE is treating obesity as a joke

I think we’d agree that one of the most unrewarding

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Evidently, we can do what we want

Uh? In fact, double uh? ‘Uh’ #1 is the news

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Copperfield’s bulletin to NHS England

Dear NHSE, First can I say a big THANK YOU

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Time to pull the plug on e-consults

I’m at a disadvantage here, given that I’m writing in

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Must triage harder

Everything is OK. True, you might find it odd that

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NHS England’s bulletin just bombed

I’m writing this as A-bomb dropped today. That’s ‘A’ as

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The pop art of 15-minute consultations

Oh, please, no, not that AGAIN?! How many more times??!!

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16 things that are wrong with that 16-page open letter

So you’ve read it – the 16-page open letter to

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An open and shut case

I have it on good authority that a certain newspaper

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A little bit of knowledge

Those of you who saw JVT’s recent press conference about

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Generally cheesed off

Last month’s column – in which I predicted that we’ve

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