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I’m a bit annoyed about microaggressions

So apparently there are these things called microaggressions going around,

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No HRT, no problem

I’m not going to make sarcy comments about the current

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Copperfield at Pulse Live: Lessons on gambling disorder

Monday 25th April: Unbelievable scenes yesterday at Day One of

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That’s a weight on my mind

So let me get this straight.  According to draft NICE

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Another dissatisfied customer

Someone somewhere sometime must have said that we aspire to

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I’ll handle the genitals if secondary care can face some patients

So now that Covid isn’t officially a thing anymore –

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RIP efficient patient notes, FFS

We’ve become accustomed to epochal events. You know, Covid, remote

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Sajid’s speech promises fewer patients more cake

Well, I guess in an 8,528 word speech there are

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We need to pull our finger out over cancer diagnosis. Or stick it in

I realise the new contract is a bit of an,

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Pharmacists saving 50 million appointments? It doesn’t add up

So walk-in pharmacy services could save 40 million GP appointments

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Let me refer you to my previous answer

Over the years, all the key benefits of being a

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How to advise and guide your patients

E-consultation 3am 1/2/22: Dear GP, I need tests for allergy,

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War huh

The ideas are coming thick and fast. Especially thick. With

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Continuity of despair

So, we’ve just had two big ideas tossed out there:

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