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Home oximetry is where it’s @

If you’re breathless with excitement over Christmas, then do I

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Bonfire of the inanities

I make absolutely no apologies for writing another blog on

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Covid

I’ve not seen the detail of the Covid vaccine DES

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Do not communicate, it interferes with hospital machinery

I’ve always sworn I’d never resort to one of those

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The writing’s on the wall

While clearly horrible and distressing, the abusive graffiti – ‘Doctors

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Who you gonna call? (Not me, please)

I, like you, and like everyone else except rabid anti-vaxxers

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Enjoying those SMRs they have these days? That’s ‘Structured Medication

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We’re going to be snowed under

If we’re not fully in a winter of discontent, then

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Ground control to GMC

Ah, just for a moment there I thought the GMC

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111 plan leaves me Angry & Emotional

There was once a casualty officer who was utterly incensed

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Appraise the lord

Appraise the lord! What brilliant news, and so unexpected. I’ve

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