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16 things that are wrong with that 16-page open letter

So you’ve read it – the 16-page open letter to

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An open and shut case

I have it on good authority that a certain newspaper

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A little bit of knowledge

Those of you who saw JVT’s recent press conference about

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Generally cheesed off

Last month’s column – in which I predicted that we’ve

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Attached student, detached GP

Call it youthful naivety on her part. Or ‘forgetting to

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The MHRA has given us all a headache

Blimey, what a day. It’s been all about clots and

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All fired up for the new apprenticeship plan

My immediate reaction to the news that Health Education England

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Covid funding fails to hit the right note

Older readers will recall the fabled ‘Red Book’, aka the

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Pain free statin prescribing

You know what, I reckon there’s a really good chance

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QCovid is rocket science

Hang on. I get that QCovid is damn clever. I’ve

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Cold calling leaves me hot under the collar

‘I’m glad you phoned’. Coming from a relative or friend,

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Mandatory draining

I’m going to have to stop you right there. Without

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You are complete and utter thankers

I am completely, utterly and thoroughly pissed off with repeatedly

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A better new year would be divine

It’s just as well that some of the mooted Covid

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