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Medicopolitics is the art of the risible

Look, I’ll level with you. I’m good at sore throats,

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The GPC chair’s top priority? Remind people why we exist

As I may have mentioned a million times before, every

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150k reasons to ignore the 150k rule

I hate to remind you high earners out there. But

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Giving the support package a rocket

I’ve been slow to respond to the Government’s already notorious

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Bundles of fun all round!

Oh, the timing could not have been better. The editor

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Firm proposals, flexible vision and broken sleep

So we can all sleep more easily in our beds

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Madvice and misguidance

So where do you head if you want advice and

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My mind is set on ignoring cancer advice

According to RCGP chair Professor Martin Marshall, GPs need to

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Say it to my face, Sajid

‘It is high time GPs started operating in the way

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Let’s get physical

The diagnostic process 2021: patient brings in printout of weird

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Nanomanaged to death

I’m sorry to bang on about PCN matters again, but

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IIF is just a nasty QOF

Let’s hope the national grid can cope with every practice’s

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No shortage of shortages

Admittedly, my initial reaction to the current blood test tube

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Joint committee disjointed communication

So I’m obviously touching my wooden head as I’m saying

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