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£10m community diabetes programme boosts checks rate by 60%

A GP federation which won a £10m contract to carry out community-based diabetes checks says it has boosted performance by almost 60% in its first year.

The Suffolk GP Federation, which rolled out the service in April 2014, said over 11,000 patients received all eight NICE-recommended checks in 2014/15 - 4,000 more than in 2013/14 when the number was just 7,000 patients.

This was a 58% increase in patient numbers and meant 60% of local patients with diabetes had received all the checks compared 40% a year earlier.

There were also 3-5% increases in patients registered with diabetes and in rates of controlled blood pressure and cholesterol, and a 12% increase in the proportion of patients with type 1 diabetes who had a foot check.

The programme has seen the federation set up a dedicated helpline and mobile dietetic, podiatry and antenatal clinics provided in a vast number of GP surgeries in Colchester and Tendring.

David Pannell, chief executive of the federation, said: ‘Four-thousand additional diabetes patients in North Essex have had all their care checks compared to previous year. It’s a massive increase.’

Prior to the federation rolling out the community service, the area had performed below average for diabetes management, being ranked 168th out of 211 CCG areas for patients achieving glycaemic control.

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Readers' comments (6)

  • Funding=Results

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  • GP at scale is the future

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  • 10,000000/11000= £909 per diabetic patient checked.

    To recap- A GP gets only average 115 pounds per patient per year- figures published mentioned £136 average for England

    Certainly, this 10million contract was an effective use of NHS resources and before the tigers spring to my throat with arguments about long term diabetes/diabesity implications and costs, could I please ask - what other positions do the members running the Federations hold.

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  • brilliant guys! see what can be achieved when local GP's work together.

    Sanjeev, suffolk should be congratulated, no other system or group has been able to achieve this. GP's have a chance to collaborate and build something amazing. we should all be working together for these things. what you should be asking is how can we build this in Rochester. yo uwould be suprised to see how receptive your fellow colleagues may be, if you can show leadership.

    can't wait to see what happens in West London!

    - anonymous salaried!

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  • great - more activity. But does it translate to outcomes? if = fewer complications, then could represent great value for money. otherwise it's expensive activity.

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    Interesting mix on the Board

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