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The waiting game

Final year medical students to be registered by GMC from next week

The annual provisional registering process for final year medical students annual will begin next week so they can help combat Covid-19 earlier, the GMC has confirmed. 

This will entail 7,500 newly qualified doctors joining the NHS workforce three months earlier than would normally be the case, as part of the efforts against coronavirus (Covid-19).

The students, who will also be asked to start work and must be willing to do so, must still apply to the GMC for their provisional registration. This will only be granted once their medical school has confirmed their graduation.

However, the GMC will not charge any fees for registering them. 

The GMC has also been asked to grant temporary registration to doctors who gave up their registration three to six years ago, under its emergency powers so that they are able to help with the pandemic.

All four of the UK’s chief medical officers have agreed the move, which follows last week’s registration of approximately 15,500 doctors who had given up their registration or licence to practise within the last three years.

Una Lane, director of registration and revalidation at the GMC, said: ‘Following discussions with the UK’s Chief Medical Officers and the Department for Health and Social Care, we have started the process to temporarily register additional groups of doctors who had given up their registration or licence to practise in recent years.

‘We know from the response to the first group temporarily registered last week that many will be keen to help, but we also understand that many will have questions and concerns. Temporary registration allows doctors to work in the NHS, but it would be up to each individual whether or not they would wish to do so and in what capacity.’

Health secretary Matt Hancock said: 'We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to the healthcare professionals who have responded to the "Your NHS Needs You" call to arms to return to the frontline and help the NHS tackle coronavirus.

'The response has been amazing so far, with thousands coming forward to help us overcome the biggest challenge our NHS has ever faced. Now even more nurses, midwives and doctors will have the opportunity to sign up and be supported to return.

'Every single health and care professional working on the frontline is a hero, and with your help we will continue to support the vulnerable and save lives.'

Readers' comments (8)

  • Final year dentists?'s that decision to protect them too is it?

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  • Poor kids

    Should put them somewhere safe for a year so that we have a future, not throw them under the wheels of the bus.
    It’s one thing sacrificing those of us who have already given a lifetime of service To the NHS, but complete disgrace to sacrifice our kids. If they survive physically they will have PTSD

    Hang your heads in shame HMG BMA NHSE and GMC
    And all you educators of students, Deans of medical schools, postgrad deaneries etc

    These are our finest and best young people. We are not at war. They are not cannon fodder

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  • DrRubbishBin

    This sounds pretty exploitative to me. What are these guys going to be doing exactly??

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  • Lambs to the slaughter!!!

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  • prior to putting on their gowns and gloves (haha !) i think every single medical student should recite two words every time..........bawa garba

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  • What about final year GP Registrars? should they be considered as cheap labour who have to Volunteer in Corona Hot spots, No final exam, no fast track CCT, just sitting on side line and working their A*** off get infected die or wait??
    Why should a medical student without any experience get exposed to this unpredictable condition?

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  • Where's Optimus?

    Hancock's totally messed up the PPE situation...

    The Nightingale hospitals will be a disaster if the staff have no PPE

    What they are good at is moving onto the next false promise..
    Now the focus is on 100 000 tests...
    A paper described this as a herculean task....
    but again we wont be ready for a month...
    Sure when that fouls up
    Well get promises of thousands of mortuary beds...
    But not until end of May...

    Keep clapping for the martyrs

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  • Overseas Doctors living in the UK and not working should be temporarily registered and given little training to work and help

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