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GPs decline hospital requests to give adults HIB vaccine

GPs have had to turn down requests by hospital chest physicians in Cardiff to give adults the HIB vaccine at their practices.

Bro Taf LMC said that the HIB vaccine is not licensed for use in adults, and that GPs need their existing stocks for vaccinating children.

The LMC said that chest physicians have tried to convince GPs that the number of patients is ‘small’.

However, an LMC statement said: ‘The LMC has declined, pointing out that this is not GMS work and we don’t understand why vaccinations cannot be given on the spot in secondary care or at the patient’s next appointment.

‘It is not convenient for patients to be sent to the GP for vaccination. The HIB vaccine is not licensed for use in adults and GPs need to use their available stocks for the child vaccination programme.’

Readers' comments (10)

  • Good, the principal should apply to everything including pneumonia jab and flu jabs

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  • Vinci Ho

    I I think this is the group of patients with severe bronchiectasis with very frequent lower respiratory tract infections. Clearly a non licensed prophylaxis . In fact , I would want to check the serology of Haemophilus first if the test is available . But it is also correct consultants should not enforce this on GPs. Specialist carries the responsibility of counselling the patient on an unlicensed treatment and hence logically provide that themselves.

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  • Maybe they should be asking the hospital consultants to fill in an 'exceptional funding' form on a case by case basis which can be reviewed by a CCG committee to decide if the vaccination is appropriate and cost effective

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  • more examples of secondary care physicians being too lazy to organise things themselves and just telling the patients to see their gp?

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  • Imagine a scenario where the GP refuses and the patient subsequently contracts pneumonia and dies.Do you think the court will accept the defence "the consultant should have done it,not me"?The GMC imposes a duty on us to always act in the best interests of the patient and that is what the court will consider.The politics is immaterial.

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  • 0:15-> you will have to prove the patient died because of not getting the vaccine, and not pneumonia...

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  • @00:15 one could easily say the same to the resp consultant who says 'the GP should have done it, not me' especially as the resp dr knew this needed doing and didn't safely handover ie gain agreement from the gp to hand over this treatment

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  • The demonstrates how significantly legal concerns now impact on how medicine is practised -It is in fact this group of legal parasites who cause endless damage to the NHS and general population at great unnecessary expense who should be strongly targeted. This in itself would massively reduce costs and stress to both professionals and the general population . Do not forget these are individuals who charge in the region of £300 per hour for work of which often the majority is simple admin work !

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  • Liability lies with the respiratory consultant who suggested the vaccinations. unless and until the GP agrees to give it which no one has. End of story.

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  • @0:15. This isn't a case of a GP refusing. It's the LMC's decision with valid and sound rationale. We have to prioritise our services with the ever dwindling resources.

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