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IAPTs to be co-located in job centres

Chancellor George Osborne has promised to co-locate Improving Access to Psychological Therapies therapists in 350 job centres as part of his final Budget before the election.

The therapists will be put in place from summer 2015 to provide ‘employment and mental health support to claimants with common mental health conditions’, the Budget documents stated.

The Chancellor also pledged £118 million over the next four years, so that by 2018/19 there will be talking therapists ‘in every part of the country providing the best-quality treatment for children.’

But Labour leader Ed Miliband criticised the Chancellor for a ‘glaring omission’ in not describing any investment in the NHS during his speech.

Mr Miliband said there would be cuts to NHS services and that the lack of emphasis in the Budget was the ‘secret plan that dares not speak its name’.

He added: ‘There was no mention of investment in health services, which is completely extraordinary. They will end up cutting the health services.  And there will be cuts to social care. If you devastate social care you betray the elderly, and the Government is promising more of the same. It’s a Budget that people won’t believe and won’t trust.’

The Government will also provide £20 million over four years to fund the establishment of four pilot ‘connected health cities’, as part of the Health North project to improve the health of people in the north of England, Mr Osborne added.

Readers' comments (10)

  • Vinci Ho

    You see. This pre- election budget has to be pro-establishment and deliver some 'sweets' to the business sector . In fact , the general reactions from the sector are good . NHS is a socialist ideology and all about spending . Of course , he is not going to talk much today even though NHS is the first priority amongst most voters . I suspect the money for mental health was a small concession to miserable Liberal Democrats who could not wait to claim their credit few days before this budget.
    Tories are simply trying to hold on and consolidate their die hard voters hoping a small tip of balance as a result of this budget will get them re-elected.
    If you are an 'outsider', this general election has just become juicy and fascinating.........

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  • Secondary MH services are practically non-existent and they are going to chuck money at sticking IAPT in job centres? Insane.

    How about properly supporting the unemployd and depressed to get work which suits their abilities, or providing proper training to improve their skills and confidence. They could even make JSA benefit an adequate amount so that people don't have to face the shame of being referred to food banks.

    I would suggest that would be more likely to actually help people with SLS than sticking some poorly trained IAPT "therapist" in the job centre.

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  • The Tories don't mention the National Health Service because they know that should they win in May the NHS will rapidly cease to exist .

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  • That's because the Tories are a bunch of Jeremies .

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  • 5:56 - Don't forget it was socialist borrow and spend policies that saw the country almost bankrupt by paying those who cannot be bothered to work, to stay at home watching their sky TV an 50 inch plasma's.

    10:44 - Don't forget it was Mr B"liar" who "privatised" General Practice and started this steady downhill slope that Gp's have found themselves on ever since!!

    10:45 - Are they a "bunch of Jeremies" or a bunch of Blairites?

    Come on everyone, stop using this forum as a General election trolling forum. You are all supposed to be educated individuals, however, most of you sound like indoctrinated socialists rather than educated free thinkers!!

    You're all playing into the hands of the Politicians!!

    Who really believes that NHS policy will be any different under a Labour Government than under a Conservative one?? The ONLY difference will be who pays for it.

    Under Labour we all will through our taxes and our grand children will through the government borrowing.

    Under Conservative we all will but it will be via Private organisations.

    The NHS is just too expensive in it's current form but nobody has the balls to stand up, accept it and come up with a more viable plan. instead each successive Government just tampers with the edges and we all suffer the constant change.

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  • IAPT in job centres will consists of psychologist well being practitioner (not masters & phd trained therapists) with the main focus of getting people off benefits and saving money. Research has long shown us that coercive treatment does not work and the cost savings will come out sideways in increased crime stats, alcohol/drug, prison costs, safeguarding, a & e, GP app.......the people who want mental health treatment to get back to work are accessing IAPT already. Who advises these politicians? How can this work as therapeutic/psychological process being forced off benefits. The people who are 'caught' by job centre IAPT will be the people avoiding helping themselves to get back to work, such as anti-social personality disorder and other dysfunctional behavioural disorders.

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  • Judgement based benefits create this.
    ESA pays more including housing benefit the jobseekers so it is logical for the unemployable to become ill.

    Universal basic income tied to land value tax is the only answer that combines redistribution with minimal economic disincentives at the margin. The job centres would disapear overnight, so would benefits office and staff! GP demand for med certs would evaporate!

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  • I have long been puzzled by the fact that it pays more to be sick than unemployed - can anyone enlighten me as to how one's expenses go up when off work for anxiety as opposed to off work but looking for a job?

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  • Just put eh money into the NHS ... which we were given to believe was struggling fro cash?

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  • Most people off sick are physically ill, not "anxious". ESA benefit isn't higher initially than the £70 a week JSA, but is higher once people have been assessed by the state as "unfit for work" because surviving and being sick and disabled is rather more expensive than simply looking for work.

    I find the stereeotyping and stigmatising of sick and disabled people needing to claim benefits particularly offensive when doctors do it. It's bad enough when the government does.

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