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Northern CCG budgets given only inflationary rise while London and the South East get further boost

CCGs in the south of England are the big winners under the new funding formula which links allocations to population size, age and deprivation, NHS England figures have revealed.

Only 7 of the 68 CCGs in NHS England’s Northern region have had an above inflation increase for 2014/15, compared with 21 of the 32 London CCGs, 23 out of 61 CCGs in the Midlands, and 25 out of 50 in the South.

The biggest winner in the 2014/15 funding allocation was Merton CCG in London which will see its funding increase by 4.92% to £208,458 in 2014/15.

The Hertfordshire and South Midlands local area team saw the highest increase in funding, averaging 3.53% across all seven CCGs.

The new funding measures have been brought in to address deficits in areas with rapidly growing or aging populations, while roughly 10% of the funding is allocated based on an area’s deprivation.

The new formula was agreed at an NHS England board meeting on Tuesday which also advised that CCGs should set aside five pound per head of practice population to help ‘named GPs’ in taking on responsibility for vulnerable, elderly patients.

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  • Don't underestimate the effects of the radical reallocation of NHS resources by NHS England at the 17th December Board meeting: it affects everything including as far as I can see individual practice funding (what happens to any National contracts?) on a head of population basis and change of deprivation to SMR<75 from Healthy Life Expectancy.
    There is also a demand for efficiency leading to a lowering of CCG management funding over the next 2 years, and primary care development to come out of Integrated Funding - derived from the CCGs reducing spend on secondary care.
    Ustream (where NHS England website says Board meetings will appear) doesn't seem to work for NHS England: here is the link to item 7 on YouTube and to the Board papers
    Please note, item 7 did not appear on this website until at least 2 days after the meeting - but to be fair, had to be revised due to GDP deflator figures just before the meeting..
    Also note that there appears to have been no primary care involvement unless you count CCGs...

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  • Well, that will help the Tory vote in the heartlands wont it?

    Ridiculous redistribution of resource in direct opposition to the Inverse Care Law.

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  • Bob Hodges


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  • Ivan Benett

    Now where are the noisy anonymous complainers? This is something to be upset about!

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  • Test comment

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