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Labour commits to honouring review body recommendations on GP pay

The Labour Party has pledged to ‘respect’ the recommendations of the independent pay review body on any increase to GP pay if successful in the general election.

The launch of the party’s health manifesto ahead of the May poll also reaffirmed its commitment to repealing competition law aspects of the Health and Social Care Act, a pledge they maintain will not amount to another structural reorganisation of the NHS.

It also reiterated a pledge to recruit 8,000 more GPs as well as reintroducing the 48-hour GP appointment target which has been branded ‘unrealistic’ by GP leaders.

In its manifesto, Labour accused the coalition of ‘reneging’ on the independent review process after the Department of Health opted not to follow the recommendations of the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration (DDRB) on GP pay. This included a ‘derisory’ pay increase of 0.28% in 2014/15, after the DDRB suggested the pay increase should increase GP income by 1%, the party said.

This year, for the first time, DDRB refused to use the ‘flawed’ formula of previous years after finding it had not delivered intended pay increases for GPs but the Government still went ahead and applied the method to calculate a 1.16% uplift which accountants said would calculate as a 10% fall in take-home pay for GPs.

The DDRB had recommended that the DH negotiate with the BMA how to actually achieve a 1% increase in GP earnings after expenses without using the formula approach.

Labour’s manifesto stated: ‘Labour believes in national pay frameworks and the stability and recognition they give to the health and care workforce.

‘Labour will respect the views of independent pay review bodies – rather than irresponsibly brushing them aside or reneging on the agreed processes as the current Government has recently done.’

Meanwhile on repealing the Coalition’s health reforms it added: ‘The effects of the Health and Social Care Act have been all too apparent. Service standards are declining.

‘Accountability for problems in the NHS is ducked by ministers. Service improvements and collaboration have been hindered by competition law, and millions have been wasted on competition lawyers.’

Readers' comments (10)

  • It is now too late to avert the crisis . The lag phase is too long . As intended primary care is completely screwed and will be supplied by Virgin Kaiser Permanente et al .

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  • Vinci Ho

    ‘Labour will respect the views of independent pay review bodies...'

    If you want to be a White Knght ,EM,replace the word respect by FOLLOW, at least .

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  • Should be doing that anyway. Be more original please.

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  • I pledge to wash all my neighbours windows for free. But if I dont what are they going to do about it.

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  • Well Ed I am afraid Gordon Brown started the rot as part of his class war against Doctors he paved the way for the destruction of primary care gleefully carried out by Cameron/Osborne/Hunt
    Forgive them Lord for I truly believe they do not know what they have done

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  • Took Early Retirement

    Yes, "respect"- I expect they will stage increases so 1% becomes 0.1% for 11m and then made up in month 12. Scum. We've been there before.

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  • Labour has been stung hard by the conservatives and media by the so-called 'disastrous' 2004 contract.

    now, what do politicians do to demonstrate to the voters that they won't make the same mistake twice? that's right they are going to make an example of us.

    Burnham has already warned that he wants a salaried service and it will make the voters happy to think that 'greedy' GPs are now state employees i.e. they want total control of T&Cs.

    doesn't matter who you vote for expect us to be slaughtered.

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  • cant imagine the bankers working for free or mps for that matter

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  • Isn't it dejas vu all over again?

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  • There is a nasty smell of bull excrement going around...

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