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A faulty production line

Why GPs should vote Conservative

Dr Luke Evans argues that only the Conservatives will ensure the NHS budget is sustainable

If you have a collapsed patient, what is the first thing you do? ABCDE. You make the patient stable, logically solving each problem. Yet this is just the start; there is still a long road to recovery and returning the patient to full health.

The NHS is no different. A, B and C are all being achieved with the economy now beating strongly and supporting every organ. A change in approach risks compromising the very ‘cardiac’ output keeping the economy alive.

The NHS is vital and its budget needs to be protected at times of stress. Under this Government the budget has been ring-fenced, and under a future Conservative government will be ring-fenced again. The recent strain on the system has seen an additional £2bn provided for the frontline from April, and just a few weeks ago, £1.25bn extra was allocated to improve community and mental health services.

The Conservatives know these solutions are short-term; it’s the long-term health of our NHS that needs careful consideration.

So what is the prognosis for our recovering patient? You will hear from Labour that the challenges faced in health are the fault of the current Government. Yet it is clear to all clinicians that a bigger problem is afoot. An increasing number of frail elderly patients, rising rates of obesity and greater demand is placing massive strain upon a dedicated workforce.

Then consider that the English NHS is run by a coalition, the Welsh NHS by Labour and the Scottish by the SNP and all are missing targets. There is an evolving struggle facing us all.

It is because we understand the complexities of the case that we are best placed to keep driving the NHS forward. We understand the answers will come from working with clinicians. We understand that the public needs to take a more responsible role. We understand that poorly placed targets create a negative culture.

That’s why responsibility for commissioning was given to doctors. After all, who is better placed to make decisions about health and health provision then the clinicians themselves?

That’s why primary care is at the heart of the Five-Year Forward View, prioritising preventative medicine. Encouraging the public to take responsibility for their own health and well-being. An extra £1bn to improve GP premises across the country will help GPs to improve care for their patients. That’s why 40% of QOF targets were cut and put into global sum and the 48-hour target was scrapped.

ABCDE. A strong economy supports a strong NHS. Voting Conservative gives GPs the opportunity to shape their vision of our health service built and backed by steadfast economic stewardship. Your vote guarantees that the NHS will thrive, not only now, but in years to come.

Dr Luke Evans is the Conservative candidate for Birmingham Edgbaston and is a locum GP in the city

Please note that due to an editing error, the first version of this article cited the ABC check, not as Dr Evans originally wrote the ABCDE check.

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Readers' comments (28)

  • I think it's a pity that Pulse has been used for shameless (and false) promotion of Tories. Not saying other parties know what to do, but Tories are once again not telling the truth about the future. Nicholson has warned...there's a funding bombshell coming after the election. Have we forgotten what they did last time? All their recent promises of funds, 7 day working, faster access to GPs...AND deficit reduction. Which will take priority? Cut spending. Then what will happen to providers?
    We need a radically and morally different approach. Note what the Dr above said about Spain.

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  • 8:28am

    Its not about "promoting Tories" its about remembering 13 years of Labour bankruptcy and if we need to keep harping back to Thatcherism lets not forget the Winter of discontent following another long term Labour Government.

    Its about facing up to the fact that no matter which party gets into Government, the NHS in its current form is not affordable nor sustainable.

    All Parties are using it as a weapon to gain power but once in power they are all faced with the same dilemma, How to pay for this" free" service that has been systematically abused by Politicians (of all Parties), by the Staff and the Unions, but most of all by the expectations and demands of the Patients, which is natural when something is free it will always be opened to abuse.

    If we are to continue with a "Free " NHS then we need to change the attitude of the end user and the Politicians (of all parties) need to stop making promises that continue to add to the burden of our sad and tired National Health Service.

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  • No amount of extra funding will solve the problem.The appetite grows with eating.
    Time has come to think the unthinkable NHS free at the point of Contact is no longer viable. Unnecessary demand for self inflicting illnesses, trivia and self limiting illness must be discouraged.
    Funding should be combination of Government subsidy, private health insurance and direct patients.People having private health insurance should get tax relief.Wastage of fiances on non clinical staff like mangers and administration should be addressed.The money saved should be directed to employing more Nurses, midwifes and Doctors.

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  • There is of course plenty of money it is not distributed fairly . The banks ( Tory mates ) were bailed out to the tune of 1.162 trillion pounds .

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  • (Tory Mates)? I'm sure they were bailed out by Mr Brown?? And that the collapse happened during his watch??

    Come on now your acting like a spoilt child!!

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  • Mr Osborne was at school with Mr Rothschild - now they were spoilt children . The banking collapse occurred because of Thatchers big bang and Laissez- faire economics . Come on now you're acting like a Tory ignoramus . ( You cant even spell you're - numbskull )

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  • banking collapse originated in the USA sub-prime mortgage market; not clear how even Mrs T could have caused that. Some countries, Canada and Australia for example, had limited exposure, but the UK, after over a decade of Gordon Brown and Labour running the economy, was particularly vulnerable. Difficult to blame Mrs T for that either.

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  • "Numbskull" I love it!!!

    I'm not expected to be able to spell I wasn't fortunate enough to be bought an education.

    You on the other hand were privileged and, sadly, ended up being indoctrinated by the left wing University establishment making you part of the loud mouthed liberal elite (who incidentally still form a minority in this country it's just that they have the biggest mouths!!! and most money!!)

    Tory ignoramus.......!!!??

    Thank you.

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