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A faulty production line

BMA calls crisis conference to prevent health service 'collapse'

The BMA will hold a special representative meeting to discuss the deepening crisis facing the NHS.

Members of the BMA Council called for the ‘extraordinary’ conference, which will take place on 3 May in London, at a meeting today.

BMA council member and Lancashire GP Dr David Wrigley tweeted from the meeting, saying that UK doctors saw the NHS ‘collapsing’.

Dr Wrigley told Pulse: ‘The BMA council discussed the parlous state of the NHS due to the year-on-year funding cuts –- something which is a political choice made by this Government.

‘This extraordinary meeting will discuss the crisis in the NHS and attempt to come up with solutions, challenging our politicians to step in and rescue the NHS from collapse.’

BMA council member Dr Allyson Pollock, a medical academic, said in a tweet that the meeting would ‘highlight [the] NHS crisis in England and implications for UK public and patient[s]’.

A BMA spokesperson said: ‘I can confirm that a special representative meeting will be taking place and we will confirm further details in due course.’

The news follows the Special LMC Conference held by GP leaders in January, where GPs voted on potential mass resignations unless the Government produce a credible rescue package for general practice.

The BMA’s row with the Government escalates

The news of the special meeting comes as the BMA remains embroiled in a dispute with the Government over the imposition of the junior doctor contract, which has led to a series of strike actions over the past three months.

The BMA is bringing a judicial review to question whether the contract will be safe for patients but health secretary Jeremy Hunt has already declared that this is ‘bound to fail’.

Mr Hunt has said the contract imposition is necessary to ensure the rollout of safe and sustainable seven-day access to hospital treatment, but the BMA has in turn argued that it will overwork junior doctors and lead to more mistakes.

It also comes as BMA chair Dr Mark Porter condemned the lack of new investment in NHS services in today’s budget announcement as ‘disgraceful’.

According to Dr Porter, ‘the Government’s funding promises have simply not materialised’.


Readers' comments (46)

  • Jeremy - "Crisis , what crisis ? " I've been planning this for years . Ever since I co-authored Direct Democracy.See page 74.

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  • Naah- we'll just keep washing our hands!

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  • The headline is correct :
    BMA calls crisis conference to prevent health service 'collapse'
    (please note "the health service," not the NATIONAL health service).
    The first sentence "... the deepening crisis facing the NHS" is incorrect, as NHS has ceased to exist, a fact proven clearly in Professor Allyson Pollock's book: "NHS plc: the Privatisation of Our Health Care."

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  • One could be forgiven for imagining that Hunt needs this crisis to make the case for his vision of the future. He has described the NHS as "irrelevant" and he is clearly using his position of Secretary of State to advance the agenda described in his book. His co-author Daniel Hannon described the NHS as a 60 year mistake.

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  • Whoopee. Another day out for the cardigans who fret how we will all be perceived. Like wondering whether the shark circling our surfboard will find us tasty or not. In the end, we are to be consumed.

    Unless the press are there en masse, and the public energised to the point of the poll tax riots, then we are doomed.

    See you on the other side, folks. I'm 2.5 months into my notice period and fancy a long hot summer in my 53rd year....

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  • It's not just a lack of funding issue. It's the fact that there is a complete lack of ability of NHS management to understand the priorities of primary care. One no brainer is that we need 15 minutes appointment times. .. which translates to a 50 percent increase in manpower.

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  • The NHS is finished in its current form and this is the death rattle of the moribund patient

    chronic underfunding is going to bring it to its knees and a recent report suggested that if the current spending plans manifest, by 2020 the cuts will have amounted to a real terms spending reduction of 20 BILLION POUNDS ANNUALLY from where they ought to be!!!!

    20 BILLION POUNDS OF ANNUAL UNDERINVESTMENT WHEN WE HAVE AN AGEING ELDERLY POPULATION, MORE CHRONIC DISEASES, MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS... and politicians think that closing down A&E dpts, DGH hospitals, community services will continue to give us the best healthcare system in the world!!! come on what have they been snorting?????

    The BMA have lost the plot on this one, anyone could have predicted this 5years ago when Mr Lansley first came to power.....he was so convinced of his purpose that no one even bothered to consider a "what if" or plan B scenario.......

    If youre a millenial you need to get out ASAP because there is zero future in a socialist country if youre a professional with high ambitions. the UK has become a graveyard for the ambitious and those with lofty dreams!!

    Take your mrcgp WHERE IT rewards you!!

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  • This is going to another meeting for coffee and buscuits - only to decide when to meet again.

    Guys you need to walk the talk. NOW.

    What happened to last LMC emergency meeting - we were supposed to resign en-mass. These meetings after meetings are becoming a joke.!!!!!!

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  • Much as I love the NHS, the BMA's brief is not the NHS, but its members, the doctors.
    Whatever shape medical care takes in the future, the nation will need doctors, whether private or NHS.
    The BMA may design another system, based on chambers, federations or whatever if the NHS fails.
    If an elected Govt. implements the will of the nation ie the end of the NHS, well so be it.
    The NHS cannot subsist on doctors doing 80 hour weekends with 2-3 hours sleep at 30 pence an hour.
    The BMA should forget the NHS, if the Govt. so wishes.
    Look after its members interests. When you are a doctor the patient is No 1. When you are the BMA, the doctor is No. 1. Do not mix up the roles as you have done for years.

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  • Fiddle fiddle fiddle,Rome is burning lets look at the power point and have another sandwich,what can we do without offending anyone,I know we should have another meeting.Fiddle fiddle fiddle as so it goes on.We're dying out here boys and girls do something the time for meetings is over we need to act do something meaning full,DO SOMETHING PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU.

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