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BMA criticises decision to cut GP trainee pay

The BMA has said that Government plans to cut the pay of GP trainees by 31% threatens to worsen the current recruitment crisis.

In its submission to the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration, published on Friday, the BMA said that the plans to reduce GP trainees’ pay to match those of hospital specialty trainees amounts to ‘a considerable reduction in salary’ for GP trainees.

The submission said that the move could exacerbate recruitment problems for GP trainees, adding that the Government’s target for 50% of medical students to choose general practice is already ‘ambitious in the current climate’.

The DDRB is reviewing proposals for a new consultant and doctors in training contract, which would create a single contract for all trainee doctors, after negotiations between the BMA and the Government broke down in October. It is expected to report its conclusions to the Government in the summer.

The news comes as the latest warning over GP training numbers was issued before Christmas, when figures obtained by the GPC indicated there was only ‘one applicant for every four’ training places in the northeast of England for the August 2015 intake.

Issuing its warning over the training supplement, the BMA said: ‘This is likely to result in medical graduates continuing to predominantly opt for hospital specialty training posts, leaving general practice with the substantial recruitment and retention problems it is currently facing. About 400 GP training posts were unfilled this year.

‘For many trainees who are seriously considering general practice, this kind of relative pay cut could prove to be a huge disincentive. Those with fixed family or financial commitments could find themselves unable to pursue careers in general practice due to the financial burden of a substantially reduced salary.’

It added that ‘anything that negatively impacts on medical graduates choosing GP training could exacerbate existing workforce shortage’.

In the submission the BMA also warned against rolling out seven-day working across the NHS - a key sticking point in negotiations - for political rather than clinical reasons, and without a credible plan for how a seven-day service could be safely staffed without patient service cutbacks.

BMA chair Dr Mark Porter said: ‘The BMA has been clear in its support for better seven-day services, but the Government needs to be clear about what an expansion of services will look like and, crucially, how it can be safely staffed and resourced, without existing services being scaled back… We hope that, in its submission, the Government has provided the detail, evidence and modelling on the changes it wants to introduce, which it failed to produce throughout negotiations.

‘This includes detail on what additional services it wants to make available, how much they will cost to deliver and guarantees on what support services need to be in place to provide them safely. Without this detail, we are being asked to sign up in the dark to changes without knowing how patient care and doctors’ working lives will be affected - something the BMA cannot do.’

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  • Took Early Retirement

    How funny! A critical shortage of GPs and someone is actually thinking of reducing their pay!
    Funny old world, innit?

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  • Hidden agenda behind all of this mess?! Surely not!............

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  • WTF... I'm a GP trainee with a family and mortgage. If this happens I'll resign on the spot and go back to an easier and more well paid job in hospital where I don't have boundless responsibility. I simply can't afford the hit, especially when my OH is a GP already so is having pay shafted as well. Insanity.

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  • "happy new year" Tory style. Cretins.

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  • Vinci Ho

    You see , Harvey Dent said whatever he said about 5 years forward plan but then you have this crap in reality . Two-faced really .......

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  • Bane: It doesn’t matter who we are, what matters is our plan.

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  • Una Coales. Retired NHS GP.

    The BMA issues a warning to government. Is that all?

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  • Recently a very senior GP Partner was overheard saying
    "if Department of Health imposes a contractual requirement for all GPs to dance naked for one hour in front of their surgeries ,the only plea that BMA GPC will take would be that they should be allowed to cover their genitals with leaves as it may offend some patients."

    I remarked they would surely go on strike ......?

    "No chance my friend" he turned towards me and with a sparkle in his eye whispered "even if they strike the turn out will be only 21 percent as most of GPs would argue that they cant strike as patient services would suffer and Daily Mail would be really upset and one hour of dancing is good for health any way and may be a new QOF for this will bring much needed extra funding for patient care "

    sorry if any one finds it offensive please report to 111 who would send an emergency ambulance ,after all they get paid more dealing with per patient than you moron GPs.

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  • My god they hate GPs

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  • I think this is a step towards a total take-over of general practice by hospital trusts. There will be training schemes run by the hospital across both general practice and hospital jobs such as AE. This will continue into general practice or " community services" run as part of the outreach hospital.
    The aim is to have the doctors interchangeable and make some become hospital based gPs.

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