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GP practices allocated 4% funding boost every year until 2021

The Government will give general practice a funding boost of at least 4% every year over the next five years to cover the ‘changes in GP workload’, and will update the formula used to allocate funding to individual practices, NHS England has announced.

In a statement today, NHS England said that the the budget for general practice will increase by 4.2% next year, to £7.65bn.

The funding increases for general practice will be ‘disproportionately higher’ than for other services.

It has also announced that it is updating the formula used to allocate funding to practices, because of changes to the GP workload since the current Carr Hill formula was developed a decade ago.

It added that the budget will increase by at least 4% every year, to hit £9.19bn in 2021 - an increase of 25% on current spending.

Its statement said: ’Spending on GPs and primary medical care services will grow in real terms at a higher rate than for other health services, with an extra 4%-5.4% per cent cash funding every year for five years.

’The primary medical care allocation formula is updated to account for changes in GP workload since the original “Carr Hill” methodology was developed over a decade ago.’

It added: ’Disproportionately higher funding increases will be available for GP services and primary medical care than for overall CCG growth, with the ability for CCGs to make further investments on top of this using the co-commissioning option.’

However, Dr Richard Vautrey, deputy chair of the GPC, said ’4% on an inadequate contract value is still an inadequate contract value’.


Readers' comments (31)

  • OMG!!!!





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  • Bob Hodges

    This will be entirely eaten up when by the removal of employer's Pension contributions from next year.

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  • Russell Thorpe

    I expect this will be the sweetener for the new voluntary GP contract on offer from 2017 and will include the new 7 day ( which is a 6 day) access target and us all banding together into 30K pt sized practices ripe for privatization.
    A line from the opening of HG Wells War of the Worlds is apt. "Intellects vast and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us".

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  • My 2016 Predictions:
    - The 4% will go into the new contract, not into GMS
    - The cost of premises and IT will also go into the contract at current rates of reimbursement, but will cease to be future adjusted, resulting in a net loss.

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  • Dear All
    Do the maths, 4% per year means £9188 bn from a total of £118,875 bn as per the boards figures for targets for 2020. This is 7.7% of the total NHS budget. Which is where we are now. The 4% is standing still. it is not an increase.
    Paul C

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  • 9.188 trillion if only

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  • 4% of something which is tiny isn't much. We're not stupid. Try again please

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  • Well what a great offer! I think I will recommend medicine as a career for all my children as the future seems so bright!
    Actually my daughter told me yesterday she wanted to study medicine and then law. I quickly put her right, so law it is!

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  • Is this the same money they are taking from us for MPIG and Seniority which they said they would put back into the Global Sum? Very clever - deduct funding with no fanfare, pay it back as an increase big headlines.

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  • While the average England Practice receives £136 as per Pulse headlines, My Practice was listed at £90.
    Now, when deprived Practices are going to be paid more, they'll probably classify me as a rich area.
    Cameron with his stooges in NHSE can't stop beating patients at Strood - the bitterness of his first lost seat to Mark Reckless still lingers on although he should have cooled down after regaining it a few months later. Revenge is sweet, is it? Especially when you are battering a sick population and it's GP.

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