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GPs and practice managers rank in top ten of happiest jobs

Practice managers and medical practitioners ranked sixth and seventh respectively in the Cabinet Office’s ‘job satisfaction calculator’ published this week.

The report examines wellbeing alongside wealth using data gathered from the Office for National Statistics about how the job affects people’s physical and mental health, family, the environment and the community among other areas.

It found that clergymen were the happiest profession, while doctors fell behind chief executives and company secretaries in the index, but placed well ahead of disillusioned pub landlords who came in last at 274th on the list.

Although practice managers’ mean income is considerably lower than GPs at £31,267, they ranked their job satisfaction at 7.843 while medical practitioners, taking home £70,648, rated their happiness at a slightly lower 7.836.

The index is part of the Government’s initiative to explore the link between differing pay and satisfaction amongst jobs. The presence of lower-paid jobs in the top 20 reveal that high-paying jobs are not always a guarantee of happiness.

The Cabinet Office plans to provide a web-based calculator that will allow those at career-path crossroads to compare the average salaries and life-satisfaction associated with each industry.

Readers' comments (27)

  • 'Medical practitioners take home £70,648' - no they don't!
    I 'took home' £157,000 last year - but admittedly had most of it stolen by tax, pension and superannuation

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  • Anon 9.50 am. 157K?? you must be joking. thats one of the highest earning practices then....can I ask, what would you do if you were like me on 90K before all the deductions....I end up with alot less than the salaried GP who works part-time.

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  • I have always been doubtful of the data gathered by the office of National Statistics. This now proves my doubt.
    If the Cabinet Office want to know how satisfied I and my practice manager colleagues are they should ask us directly - If they dare!

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  • Lucky sod .. I earn considerably less than their quoted average and much of that too is 'stolen' by tax, pension, and superannuation

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  • The boffins at ONS clearly inhabit a different universe to me and their calculator needs recalibrating. This has been by far the worst year to be a Practice Manager

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  • Anon 9.40 - 157K - did you really? Can you tell us how it was achieved?

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  • £157k! Most likely a dispensing practice.

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  • More propaganda from The Ministry of Happiness.

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  • This is just more crap being spun by politicians.
    Either that or it clearly demonstrates how detached from reality there actually are.
    This can only rank along side the statements made in The House of commonsd recently when both Mr Cameron + Hunt quoted the results of the pilot scheme in Manchester that had not actually taken place. Just ignore it - we live in the real world and know excatly what is happening.
    Not sure why there can even be a suggestion of manpower crisis. Or is this to try and pretend there isn't.
    SORRY politicians this was one of your poorer efforts - we await the next !!

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  • Does "take home" pay not mean the pay you have once your deductions for tax and pensions have already come off? And by the way are superannuation and pension contributions not the same thing?

    At £157k I don't think you'll get much sympathy from most GPs, anon 9.50, let alone the Daily Whail

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