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Hunt to announce new 'package' to ease GP pressure next month

The health secretary will announce a new package of measures in February designed to ‘address growing pressures on GPs’, he has said today.

The move is expected to detail how the Government intends to spend the 4-5% additional funding announced for general practice last year.

This additional funding is derived from the £8bn additional funding promised by the Treasury for the NHS.

The DH said that a package of measures would be developed in consultation with the GPC and the RCGP and announced next month.

There will be further steps to increase the GP workforce, including incentives to keep GPs in the profession, the DH said.

Mr Hunt said in a statement: ‘I am determined that we will address growing pressures on GPs and do even more to support the profession – so in February, we’ll be announcing a new package of measures consulting with the Royal College of GPs and the GPC on this.’

He added that the CQC will be looking to ‘streamline their inspections’, as previously announced by the regulator.

Mr Hunt said: ‘On top of this, I want to increase the proportion of funding going into general practice, so with NHS England we are now promising to invest 4-5% more per year in general practice for the rest of this Parliament on top of the extra funding CCGs will put into primary care.’

Last year, the health secretary announced his heavily-trailed ‘new deal’, which included a range of measures, including many previously announced plans.

However, it was criticised by GPs, with the BMA’s Annual Representatives Meeting accusing the health secretary of putting the ‘very existence’ of general practice in danger.

NHS England announced last month that the budget for general practice will increase by 4.2% this year, to £7.65bn. The funding increases for general practice will be ‘disproportionately higher’ than for other services, it said.

Readers' comments (56)

  • Federations ltd formed and run mainly by LMC and CCG officials will be rubbing their hands while Practices out of the boys' club will be doomed. Hunt's got his unamenable ways, ain't ee?

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  • This comment has been moderated.

  • He has got a first from oxbridge in being verbally slick so expect no less from him. He is amazingly successful in being thick skinned as he is still in post despite ruining the lives of so many doctors and health professionals.
    I hope kama is a real phenomina as i would love it to eventually get him in some way. Unfortunately I don't think it will for a while as he has a few years to breakdown the NHS now with Dave's full backing/encouragement!
    We should not get mad we should get even. Any suggestions?????

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  • So about £324m/year, divided by 8000 practices gives a measly £400k, which after deductions, stupidity, commissioned nonsense and trivialities will give sweet FA at the cold face. Bravo

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  • I wonder if the figure will include the £325m stripped out of PMS funding or whethere that will be clearly labelled as an extra on top?

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  • Stop. Just stop. Stop spinning. Stop pretending to listen. Stop claiming to support GPs while acting otherwise. Stop bragging about "investment" that isn't. Stop claiming that "investment" in return for extra work is a benefit. Stop repeatedly announcing the same money which won't even enable us to stand still, let alone make up for the years of "penance". Stop talking about the money without mentioning the strings attached intended to force through your political agenda. Stop ignoring working GPs who could offer real solutions. Stop doing "even more to support the profession" given the effect your "support" has had so far. Please.

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  • When the pilots of an airliner (NHS England)are being told to fly the aircraft into the mountain, by the Control Tower (DoH) then of course the Crew(Doctors) and Passengers (Patients) will panic ...and hence react, no matter how many surface-to-air missiles(new incentive schemes) may be on route !

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  • Mr Hunt the net is closing.Shame on you. your smug smile hopefully will be wiped off by the Public.Your dealing with Professionals.Bear that in mind when moving up the carrer ladder.

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  • extra money only for those who do 7 day opening and 8 'til 8

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  • Too little to late. I'm gone just
    In time to save my life and family .Never going back in the UK

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  • Half the partnership resigned last year at once, that my resignation is on ice until April. With no replacements (not even a locum or NP) it's looking like duty doctor atwice weekly, three times when anyone is on leave. On top of that our senior partner has stepped down to a salaried role so three part timers will be doing the paperwork of 10,000 patients and running the practice.

    I am well aware that when I go the 11 sessions of GP time will not be enough and NHSE will likely be handed back our contract. We've already started looking at converting our surgery back to flats to cover the cost of closing.

    Does Jeremy's latest emission mean that I will be off to the managers office to withdraw my resignation? What do you think...

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