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LMC asks locums for £100 voluntary contribution

Locum GPs are being asked to pay a voluntary contribution of £100 a year to help support an LMC’s finances.

Devon LMC medical secretary Dr Mark Sanford-Wood said it was fair to ask for funding from locums because they benefit from multiple LMC services, including pastoral support.

The LMC plans to contact every locum on its database to ask for the contribution every April.

Dr Sanford-Wood said: ‘It is entirely reasonable for Devon LMC to ask locum GPs to make some contribution to the running of these services. There are no statutory mechanisms to achieve this and it is perfectly possible for a locum doctor to ignore the funding questions that are raised.

As a locum myself, I recognise the vast amount of work done by the LMC that directly benefits me in my role of working in practices and out of hours, and I believe I have an obligation to make a small contribution.’

He added: ‘While it is fair that the needs of the profession are funded from the county’s GMS and PMS contracts, it must also be recognised that many of our services exist for the personal benefit of individual doctors.’

Readers' comments (14)

  • 2 words. the second one is 'off' and typing the first would have this comment moderated.

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  • If it was me it would be two fingers rampant as well.These are the people pushing gpc/rcgp agendas down grass root GPs throats.

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  • You pay it then, from your high horse. I know I won't

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  • Has this been properly costed? Sounds like something worked out on the back of a fag packet, guv!

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  • I would be prepared to pay if I felt that the LMC did anything whatsoever to help me or other GPs.
    I don't so I won't.

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  • Dear 6:18 what is it you would like the LMC to do for you?
    We have a very active LMC which has led to high values of locally commissioned services, formal acceptance that there is to be no work dumping, plus a load of other stuff.
    If your LMC is not doing what you need then join them and institute some changes

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  • two finger salutes all around

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  • I did time on my LMC. Frankly, it wasn't that impressive. Work behind the scenes with doctors who were having problems was their best suit.

    There was a definite "in crowd" who basically managed to control what happened and every one deferred to the Chief Exec, it seemed, simply because he/she was also on the GPC. Given what the GPC has NOT achieved, I cannot see why anyone took any notice of him/her.

    Various of the great and good of the "in crowd" were often wrong.

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  • Anonymous 10.14 pm

    We all recognise the "in crowd" in the LMC's, CCGs and clinical leads of the new GP Networks. They pick up the new contracts for themselves.

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  • I have worked as a Locum for 5 years before getting into a partnership and can say that locums are in a worse off position financially than they were ever before- the rates in 2005 were the same around 70-75 per hour as today although indemnity, NHSP contributions and expenses have increased two fold. Although Agency fees have increased significantly, locums have had no benefits of this increase either.
    An LMC member should not be advocating increase in financial burden on this group and it is no justification saying, 'I have done locum work' - may be simpler and honest to say - 'You pay a voluntary £100 and I'll have the benefit as an LMC member'

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