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Practice staff put at risk after two-week delay in removing violent patient

Exclusive Practice staff have been put at risk after a breakdown in primary care support procedures delayed the removal of a violent patient who had assaulted a GP from the practice list for two weeks.

Pulse understands that a practice was made to wait following the assault because of confusion over the processes, which are now managed by Capita, who provide primary care support services.

The practice reported the assault to the police and to NHS England immediately.

But Capita – which now manages the service – demanded more information ‘beyond what they are entitled to’, Cambridgeshire LMC told Pulse.

Since April, practices have been required to inform Capita – and not their local area team – whenever they wish to remove a patient.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough LMC said Capita had failed 'to protect GPs and their staff from violence by flouting the regulations, and thereby putting NHSE in breach of contract'.

Pulse understands there was a further delay because it is still NHS England’s responsibility to approve the request for removal, but this was not done so for two weeks.

NHS England's regulations on violent patients allow for the removal of a patient to be fast-tracked and NHS England has said it take delays in this process 'very seriously'.

LMC chief executive Dr Guy Watkins told Pulse: ‘We have a practice that had an incident with a doctor assaulted; they informed the police and then requested an immediate removal under the regulations.’

He added: ‘Capita refused to recognise the removal until further information, outside the regulations, were provided by the practice.’

Dr Watkins added that the information requested was more than Capita was ‘entitled to under the regulations’.

Pulse has learnt that even after this information was provided, there was a two-week delay before the patient was removed.

NHS England’s Policy for managing patient assignments, states: ‘Practices may remove a patient with immediate effect where the patient has committed an act of violence or behaved in such a way that the contractor, practice staff, other patients, or those present at the place the services were provided have feared for their safety.

‘The incident leading to the request for immediate removal must have been reported to the police.’

A Capita spokesperson told Pulse: 'Clear processes for these requests have been established and communicated to GP practices. We have been working very closely with NHS England to ensure that their procedures are adhered to in a timely manner.'

Simon Evans, locality director for NHS England (East) said: “NHS England takes matters such as this very seriously. We are currently looking into this specific issue to determine what happened and take any appropriate actions if required'.

Pulse has tracked the rise of violence perpetrated against GPs, staff or patients in practices with a 2012/13 investigation finding 53 incidents reported, a jump of 89% in a year.

An MPS survey last year found almost half of GPs have experience violence or aggression from a patient in the past 5 years.

The problems with primary care support services

Money pic - online

Money pic - online

NHS England opted to save £40 million a year from its support services budget and tendered for a single national provider for Primary Care Support England (PCSE).

The winner, Capita, has centralised support services to three national hubs and implemented a single online ‘portal’ for practices to order supplies and ‘track’ the movement of patient records.

Pulse has documented issues, from FP10 shortages, to patient notes turning up in a carpark, that have spiked since April’s overhaul and GP leaders have been urging practices to report every issue to NHS England.

The timetable by Primary Care Support England - the arm of Capita that manages the services - shows that new services for payments, screenings and performers list will be implemented from April 2017.

But the GPC has passed a motion of no confidence in Capita for its primary care support services following a series of failures, which it claims are putting patients at risk. 

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Readers' comments (9)

  • I am sorry to say that I have absolutely no faith that Capita can undertake any of the roles switched to them from primary care support services - it may take a claim for damages of staff being attacked for NHSE to take and action and admit that they have made huge mistake is giving Captita this huge agenda to deliver

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  • Sue NHSE they wouldn't hesitate to sue the GP

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  • never new any thing about capita. if i am assulted then capita or ccg or priminister, i will not deal with patient even if my job is at risk. at the end of day common sense will prevail.i don't thing i will be accused of not dealing with patient who beat me up yesterday, i am a gp not jesus christ

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  • Serve 'em a breach notice.

    What's sauce for the goose....

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  • Some Practice / Business, managers use the fast track - 8 day - provisions to eject patients who disrupt THEIR Puppet PPG by actually asking questions, or even standing against the Quisling Chairperson for election.
    As for making statements which the Business Manager considers to be 'Political' in support of NHS not being privatized - you're a Gonner.

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  • It just seems so wrong for a private company to be involved in such an important process. What on earth has making a profit got to do with this?

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  • I suggest you bring back the service you had before didnt have sucha problem then!

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  • Same thing happened to me a patient threatened to break a Doctors and practice nurses legs if he ever saw them again because they were trying to get him admitted to hospital, the patient came back next day and spat at the receptionist, I REPORTED this to NHS England and told he should be removed under Zero Tolerance, 2 weeks later patient says he wants his medical records and he was told that he is removed from the practice, but patient insisted that he has not got any letter from NHS England that he has been removed and the patient threatened to come to the surgery and create problems, I phoned up NHS England and primary care support to find out they no nothing about this incident, then I got an apology from NHS England about the distress they have caused the practice.

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  • Capita are getting the blame for all this and much of it is deserved, but a lot should also go to NHS England for tendering out a service they did not understand with a contract that was unfit for purpose.

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