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Pulse launches e-petition to stop GP practice closures

Pulse has today launched an e-petition for the Department of Health to step in and stop the threatening tide of GP practices closing amid funding swings.

The petition comes in the wake of warnings that over a hundred GP practices around the country are now at risk of having to close down due to destabilising of their funding streams.

Pulse investigations have so far uncovered at least 109 practices at risk, including around 30 in the capital alone.

While London is the worst-affected region so far, local GP leaders in Northamptonshire and Devon have also come forward warning they both have six practices under threat, while Doncaster, Leicestershire, Sunderland and Sussex LMCs have all reported practices are considering handing back contracts.

In Oxford, one GP practice closed earlier this month because it could not keep up with running costs, and another is due to close due to a lack of investment in premises.

The GPC has warned of a ‘perfect storm’ caused by the withdrawal of MPIG, PMS reviews and the GP recruitment crisis, ans several are facing closure because of delays in NHS England’s decision-making on urgent bids for premises development.

Since the start of the year, GPs around the country have taken matters in their own hands and organised marches to protect their practices. However their voices have gone unhead, with NHS England saying only last week that practices closing may not be a problem.

In launching the petition, Pulse editor Nigel Praities said: ‘This petition is for GPs, their patients and anyone who cares for the future of our health service. Without good GP services, there will be no NHS.’

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Readers' comments (18)

  • Wrong political move!!.It would be best to let more and more GP practices to close.Only when the public starts to feel the pinch will they begin to appreciate the value of primary care.

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  • Vinci Ho

    Signing this is a display of spirit- the flag of general practice(hence,gatekeeper of NHS) cannot be taken down. Obviously , if the government wants to play Big Brother, they will dare to let practices close down continuously whether this petition is present or not.

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  • 10:55am

    I agree.

    although i do have sympathy for the unfortunate GPs who are being affected putting a plaster on the titanic won't help - we need a new model of primary care ... wouldn't a system like our dental colleagues be better?

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  • The governments objective is to get rid of general practice and replace it with cheap to employ staff under a private company . Very similar in quality to the 111 service and I know how well that's worked

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  • Agree, need to allow the practices to close for the true value of general practice to be realised by theatres.

    Perhaps a hardship fund for those put out of work by closure would be a better thing to be considering?

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  • As the Government is putting them out of business, it should be the Government who funds the liabilities. There should be a grant available for winding up a practice.

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  • I can't quite believe some if the comments being written above. There is plenty to be done without letting good practices go down. Remember too that many of the practices at risk are in deprived areas of the country where patients are never likely to get any good general practice if we go. Clearly the government don't really care about our patients as they aren't in Tory heartlands. It's also up to practices in the Shires to raise the alarm with their MPs. Don't close your eyes and go nothing and let your colleagues do all the fighting ! Contact your MPs, tell your patients . Tell your local councils that v soon all GP services will be at risk ! Don't let Rome burn and do nothing to stop it when you know what is about to happen. This is our children's future health service we are talking about. It's time to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and get up there and fight. The battle us not lost yet. They have conceded that TTIP should not include the NHS so there is everything to go for... Stop the cynicism - it is destructive and a barrier to action. The more I see, the more I think we can change this. Our biggest enemy is our own lack of belief. What have you got to lose by doing something to support this action? What might you have to gain? I'll tell you what- The profession and the job you used to love !!

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  • Vinci Ho

    Well said , Naomi, well said.

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  • It is upto the GPC to organise a reasonable thought process. I have been in the US. If you see the BBC website - there is a tale of someone still paying off 10000 dollars for an appendicectomy.
    4.57 is wrong. Private care is very very expensive and the patients here have absolutely no idea how wonderful the NHS has been.
    If this Govt., as the elected representative, wishes to let GP land go waste- well so be it. It behoves us as GPs and the GPC to think of another option is the Dentists. I think it is time to stand up as a profession. We cannot have an arcane mathematical Contract where GPs are going bust working 12 hour days. This Contract has to go. It's time is over.

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  • My main concern is that more GP practices are not closing fast enough! Rome needs to burn and burn good.Only then will the attitudes towards GPs change for the better.

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