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Scottish GPs invited to tell Government about pressures they face

GPs have been invited to tell the Scottish Government about the pressures that they are under during the country’s ‘national debate’ on the future of NHS services.

The Scottish Government launched its Creating a Healthier Scotland debate in Dundee last week, with discussions with staff from the NHS, care sectors, charities and patient groups.

It is the first of a series of events held around Scotland between now and April next year. The debate will focus on the support needed for people to lead healthier lives, the areas of health and social care that matter most, and where the focus should be when thinking about the future of health and social care services.

BMA Scotland chair Dr Peter Bennie said: ‘It is absolutely right that this conversation should ask people what they want from their health service and encourage people to live healthier lives, but it is equally important that the conversation confronts the reality of the pressure on doctors, nurses and healthcare workers – now and in the future.’

He added: ‘I would encourage doctors working in the NHS; in hospitals, communities and GP practices across the country, to join in this conversation. Not just to provide a professional perspective, but as members of the public who, like everyone else, rely on the services provided by our NHS.’

Health secretary Shona Robison said: ‘I want to seek agreement on how to make more progress in improving the health of the population, and on how our NHS and social care system should develop by 2030 to continue to supporting everyone to live well.’

Readers' comments (7)

  • 1. Increased demand for access for my minor trivia
    2. Increased unresourced dumping of hospital work on to primary care
    3. Lack of respect from patients the media and government
    4. QoF, LES, DES, ICP,
    5. Too much regulation from CQC
    6. Predatory GMC
    7. Falling income

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  • ditto the above. Add 'inflated sense of entitlement from patients who threaten to complain/sue/generally harass you into non-evidence based practice" and perhaps "at grassroots, a complete lack of faith in our professional bodies to lead us out of the quagmire, when to the eyes of many, they led us in".

    (And that's quagmire as in sinking swamp not as in the nymphomaniac neighbour of Peter Griffin).

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  • how about adding/expanding:
    8. No Crown indemnity for NHS work - a 12k cost per GP per year in our practice.
    9. A public cranked into hypochondria by Google, Christian Jessen, Sarah Jarvis and other such medical luminaries.
    10. Social services that just aren't there, yet somehow its our fault. Rang our "admission avoidance hotline - independent living team" yesterday to report a couple, both on our "unplanned admissions list" who are moving rapidly to acopia, only to be told " no capacity, sorry - have you tried Age UK Dr?".
    11. Families who think Granny is everyone else's problem but theirs. Same couple as in point 10 usually have a daily hello by their daughter who is currently in Florida for a month with no means of getting hold of them. but remember folks, its my job to keep them out of hospital.
    12. Care home staff who last week were flipping burgers and who now are trying to tell me why Mrs Crumblington needs a 6pm visit because she's fallen asleep during Countdown and has "one plus on her dipstick", though its not clear why her urine was dipped in the first place. Or even that it's her urine, given that everyone's gets dipped en masse at 10am, twice a day if some staff are working. Just in case, you know. Arrggghhhh!
    13. Annual Review tick boxes - dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, learning disability. Yes, oh God of QoF, they still have what they've had for the last 58 years in a row. No I don't think they need more investigation. Yes I am sure. Please stop asking.
    14. Jeremy Hunt's smug face. Should be sponsored by Stemetil, the greasy sod.
    15. Home visits. Ah, hello Mr Leadswinger, didn't I see you in Asda yesterday lugging a 50 inch plasma back to your car? So, how is your back today? no, of course i don't mind coming out to see you while your wife and strapping son look on, I mean, if you can't have a doctor at your beck and call all year for two months worth of Sky TV, whats the world coming to, eh? here's some ibuprofen. And orlistat while you're at it.
    16. Jeremy Hunt's face again. just because.
    17. Appraisal. Because Sunday afternoons are for other people. And nothing says "safe doctor" like a pile of coffee stained e-learning certificates.

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  • Its good that they are asking GPs for their input....... we will wait to see if they listen in their plans for a new Scottish contract by April 2017. Am just about holding on as a GP partner till then but will change to locum work sooner if workload becomes even more unmanageable.

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  • When will the Scottish public will hold the SNP to account? Two of the few areas that are devolved namely health and education have declined in standards since they came to power.
    Lots of rhetoric of late about their grand plan for primary care but not sure we can wait for 2017.
    Too focused for too long on deprivation. It's only one of many challenges we face.
    If they can't even make a decent fist of these devolved areas then God help us if they finally get independence.

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  • SNP honeymoon will be over this winter when patients start dying in the ambulances queued up outside the Southern/QEH. From personal experience of taking a relative there in the height of summer I dread to think how they will cope if there's a flu epidemic combined with a load of pissed off burnt out GPs telling patients to just call 999 cos frankly they have lost the will to live.

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  • the bottom line is now one gives two Sh£$S. forget it, do your work, look after yourself and move on if you have to. This will make ZERO difference to any GP or GP practice.

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