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What LMC leaders will vote on

Motions to be debated at the special LMCs conference in London on the 30 January include:

  • That the GPC should request undated resignations from the current NHS contract if a rescue package for general practice is ’not be concluded successfully within 6 months of the end of this conference’
  • The GPC should consider a ballot of GPs regarding what work/ services must cease to reduce the workload to ensure safe and sustainable care for patients
  • Concern at the ‘intensity’ that GPs are working and calling for a 48 hour per week maximum and a reduction in core hours
  • Separate contractual arrangements for home visits, vaccinations and patients in care homes
  • Reduced bureaucracy for GP returners scheme
  • That the GPC should produce an alternative to the CQC regime of inspections
  • For revalidation to be suspended and the frequency of appraisals to be reduced
  • Increasing the duration of GP appointments to at least 15 minutes.

Look at the full agenda here 

Pulse will be reporting live from the Special LMCs Conference this Saturday. Follow all the developments at



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Readers' comments (11)

  • Yeah right! They have a hope in hell of achieving this!!

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  • We cannot continue with this current open ended ever increasing appointment rates for the same fee. It becomes impossible. Consultation rates have doubled in 16 years.
    This is a 50% pay cut per item. No self respecting profession would tolerate such a reduction, especially as we do almost 90% of consultations. No wonder we have no respect from patients or politicians, papers or our peers.
    The GPC are only interested in gongs, while their profession is depressed and decimated.
    To me, this constant DOH abuse is consequent to the total and utter subservience of the GPC.
    If the Contract does not suit, resign.
    No Contractor contracts to build a house only and then builds swimming pools, granny flats, supermarkets, garages etc for the same money.
    Well, that is precisely what we stupid, silly GPs are doing because of the supine GPC.
    At least, have the gits to ballot, instead of constantly whingeing and saying how many papers and TV programmes the GPC has uselessly appeared on, while GP land disappears.

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  • It is pointless increasing consultation times to 15 minutes, when we have a service to provide.
    Reduce it to the absurd, you can see a patient every 30 minutes, you will have to be there for 24 hours.
    Until you can define numbers of patients seen per day, which is impossible with the current Contract, the DOH do not care if you take 15,20,45 or whatever per patient as long as they get seen.
    Another daft idea from GPC. You cannot do anything with the current Contract. If you wish to spend all day, it is up to you.

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  • Una Coales. Retired NHS GP.

    You may ask but the Secretary of State may impose his terms and conditions unilaterally. The only card was mass undated resignations just prior to the general election. Too little, too late.

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  • You are dealing with a lethal character - a Mr Hunt- who you need to face head-on. The only way you could win is tooth for a tooth - eye for a eye. It has to come to a mass resignation if he refuses to listen
    (ask poor junior drs).
    then all GPs mass resignation and offer themselves as locums to his new private providers at your price and terms.

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  • Yeap, full locum service will save them 20 billion LMAO

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  • When I look at Hunt's smug face as he comments on the state of affairs in primary care and the plans to undo the neglect, I often wonder whether he needs a diff diagnosis with happy puppet syndrome with intellectual impairment.

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  • We need to tell them we will see a patient every 15 minutes and see no more than 28 per day at a cost of £40/appointment. Everything else they want us to do (QOF, imms, healthchecks etc) is all extra. No deal, we walk.

    It's honestly that simple folks. What will they do if we all go? Who else can deliver it all? And if its not a deal, we'll walk and offer to see them privately or to have a co-pay arrangement where the NHS pays for part and the patient the rest. THAT folks, is what the LMCs need to vote on.

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  • It is like everyone is so terribly overworked. But no one has defined normal work, so such a statement is absurd.
    I agree actually, we are all murdered, but I define normal work as 26 patients per day, a 30 minute lunch break, a 10 hour day etc.
    But why will not the GPC?

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  • @12.21
    why do you heroically define 'normal work' as a 10 hour day?
    no one else works this long
    when work is properly defined it's a 37 hr week which is less than 8 hours a day ie for employees who have rights (not self employed GPs who are expected to work open-endedly into oblivion)
    do you think Hunt works 10 hour days? I doubt it

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