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A faulty production line

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  • 10.02am: I'm able to post because I'm off sick. First time in 23 years as a GP. Yup, another burnout statistic.

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  • Unbelievable how far divorced policitians are from reality - spent years highlighting problems at grass roots level to local NHS Board and politicians-upshot no-one listens, practice closing end Sept - unsustainable workload and expectations, flatline income against rising overhead, transfer of workload from secondary care without requisite funding, ageing population with complex problems in a 10 minute appt. Never mind all that let's just meet patient expectations with 7 day working--- in spite of the fact the number of WTE GPs continue to drop. Time for the government to wake up before practice closures and demise of partnerships is the norm!

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  • Another opportunity to give him a platform simply to regurgitate the same spiel.

    No real help for real GPs now when it was needed.

    David Cameron And Jeremy Hunt will have the legacy effect of destroying general practice for good.

    I think GPs that were already planning their exit will be more encouraged to do so now.....

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  • Dear 10:02 - I can post at this time because like all my over 50yr colleagues we have had to go part-time to survive the relentless, impossible and dangerous workload. There is absolutely nothing in Hunts speech that will address any of this.

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  • Jeremy you're got to do better than this ridiculous little disney sticking plaster. Face up to. You politicians are actually the problem of the NHS... the big elephant in the room is that you just want more votes to surf the ever increasing wave of expectations. Routine appointments on the weekend does not fix hospital deaths nor does it help GP recruitment. Invest in the urgent care on weekends with walk-in centres and out of hours care. Yes increase GP/staff recruitment and change the M to a B on your offering of 10 million to save primary care and raise it up from the ashes.

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  • National Hopeless Service

    Yesterday I receive in the post a glossy book from the RCGP - "blueprint for building the new deal.....". Hunt has clearly totally ignored all of this and I will be placing this expensive looking book in the bin. Unless the GPC and RCGP starting beating at Hunts door this afternoon demanding an explanation and changes I will not renew my membership to either organisation next year. GP is in crisis and as such GPs have the upper hand, but we flail around like incapable idiots. My son is a medical student and courtesy of this new 'deal' I will continue to tell him never to go anywhere near General Practice. This is not a deal it is a travesty not far off from the shambles of the HSC Act.

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  • Dear Anonymous 10.02, it's because we actually care about the future of our profession and the NHS that we take some time to look at Mr Hunts proprosals and respond. It no doubt means I will have to work later this evening to catch up ! What do you do over and above your job description to help other people ?

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  • Thank goodness I took VER 2yrs ago! (although still dealing with being sued for failure to adhere to a NICE "guideline"). This was all so inevitable. Looks like there will be a huge response to this on here - it's a pity that our collective voice can't be given wider publicity to combat the likes of the Daily Hate Mail et al...

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  • More pharmacy access? Yeah right!! Will always remember a patient who asked for advice from a pharmacist about a wasp sting & was told "best to see your GP about that - can't be too careful"!! - the sort of thing most of our grandmothers would have happily been able to advise about in bygone times! As far as physician associates go - who pays and insures them? - as if we need to ask. "Just need to ask you about this one doc 'just to cover myself'...."

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  • Dear 10.02 - posting whilst lazing by a pool in Portugal after retiring having served 30yrs as a GP (still not sure what my offence was!). I'm still interested re the wellfare of my former inmates though and also in prison reform.....

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