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BAPIO letter to members on employment tribunals

A letter from BAPIO to its members offering to provide support for doctors thrown out of training who wish to take the RCGP to employment tribunal

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  • BPDF Spokesperson has added the following information:

    we laud other IMG associations for continuing their efforts regarding the Judicial review and as agreed with them, would support them in this regard. We are pleased that they have raised 30,000 from the affected doctors, so they can do JUDICIAL REVIEW.

    BPDF is delighted that its original stance, from the very outset, that the best option was to do the employment tribunal, and for which, from day one, BPDF has been working night and day, to coordinate and streamline efforts, has now been accepted as the best way forward and we are happy that all IMG associations would support BPDF in its efforts to manage this serious issue for young doctors, as has been agreed. BPDF shall lead this effort, as it has been agreed.

    we are ONLY here to serve the affected doctors/GP trainess, who have no funds and no job prospects and some are in real financial and career trouble. some are thinking of leaving the country and some are in worse emotional state. as a result, BPDF negotiated with medic-law, no-win, no-fee arrangement. this would ensure that no one has to pay a penny.

    we deliberately, for this reason, did NOT start a fundraising campaign as we knew that the affected doctors were financially compromised and damaged. that is why, we support the fund raising for JUDICIAL review that BAPIO is planning.

    the advantage of considered planning is that we are able to plan ahead and in this regards, the plans for any eventuality (like ET) are far advanced and set to launch, if required, in hours.

    BPDF is delighted that with the assistance of real heroes like dr Una Coales, her guidance and inspiration, we are able to focus only on the welfare of GP trainees.

    BPDF wrote to the GMC, in support of the trainee referred to the GMC and brought this matter to the attention of the GMC, formally, through a letter written by head of trainee affairs, BPDF. we are delighted that the GMC has formally decided to look into this matter.

    BPDF vice chairman, H Khan was interviewed by BBC and quoted widely in the media, through his efforts of raising this issue in the British media.
    The daily New, News international and the daily Jang and GEO TV network carried this news about GP trainees, in their main news item and plan a follow up. BBC is also planning a similar follow up.

    BPDF has a three pronged strategy in place, and phase one of this strategy is in place. Phase two shall commence this week. we shall let you know some very interesting news once this phase commences.

    We are delighted that dozens of trainees have already registered to get this matter sorted with BPDF.

    In conclusion, it is with pleasure that we are happy to lead this ET matter but, this has to be done with considered judgement and totally free for the trainees, who are already suffering.

    BPDF spokesperson

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  • well done BPDF for taking the lead on ET.

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  • ET is the only way to deal with this situation as RCGP dont seem to be doing anything concrete unless taken to court, I dont believe them as they knew IMG perform poor ands they never took any action to take them along or support them. Now that matter is in press they want to negotiate and using delaying tactics which is unacceptable.

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  • I think BPDF is right in going for ET, as JR can take years, I dont say that JR is a wrong option, but at the moment we need a fast response which mean a ET.
    I have given my details to medic law and my friends are also doing the same.

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  • One message with commenting us as why we comment as Anonymous, its the fear as IMG we all have, that makes us to comment this way. Thanks the courts are free and deal with case on merit. GL BPDF

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  • BAPIO should reveal all correspondance with RCGP, as she is fighting for us and If we are not informed then I dont see a point in following BAPIO

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    i dont think BAPIO have any right to negotiate with RCGP for giving us a trust grade job in order to be remain in clinical practice. If bapio want to help, then incorporating us as a GP will be the bottom line.

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  • ET is the way forward.....

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