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In full: GPC paper on the 'catastrophic' recruitment crisis

The GPC has drafted a paper stating that the effects of the recruitment crisis are going to be ‘catastrophic’ for patients and practitioners

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Readers' comments (7)

  • I am one of the doctors who was prevented to join GP workforce by almightly CSA. Everybody involved in my training thought I would have made e very good GP apart of course from RCGP examiners.
    My trainer who was suposed to retire in 4 years is so dissappointed and taking early retirement in August.

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  • catastrophic....whoo cares? over the years I have seen evermore socialist ideals introduced into gen. pract, and uneducated patients expecting more to be done about their trivial complaints, while wrecking their health where the cowardly politicians will not step in and rectify this.more and more so caleed specialisms are being created, with no proven value.
    I'm saying goodbye to Gen.pPract. after 27 yrs and a total of 35 yrs medicine. young doctors ,I suggest emigraating,. j.j.neylon. (2490069) to be P.C. another socialism.

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  • Interesting 'paper' - more opinion that data i.e. how do you define crisis point? 90% fill rate?


    - what about trainers - without more of them you are never going to catch up with getting prospective trainees up to speed,
    - what about the lengthening of training to 4 years which will be another blow to filling vacancies in time.
    - negative impact of CSA/MRCGP fiasco - i.e. trainees may not even become GPs...

    basically there are many more things that can be added to the paper which is all bad news for general practice. But tend to agree - the damage has been done, goodwill is gone and this ship is sinking.

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  • Took Early Retirement

    Hey Jonathan- we must be about the same vintage! I qualified in 80 and have been a GP for 29 years- just.

    I'm finishing in 13 days and 6 hours. (Not that I'm counting- the computer does that for me!)

    Well done. Keep sane.

    What is really great about this is that the DuH will be reading all this in Pulse on the quiet, and maybe, just MAYBE one of the drones there might point out to Mr Jeremy (c)Hunt what he and his forebears have done, and how there is a large lump of poo whistling towards his fan.

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  • @28th april
    breaks my heart to read you comment. You are part of a group of doctors that paid the price for what appears to be a very unfair system of training

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  • General practice has become so degraded it can not possibly be recommended any longer as a career choice.
    No wonder there is a crisis of confidence!

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  • In vino veritas eh?

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