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'Lift imposition and we'll call off strike', say junior doctors

The BMA has made a last-ditch offer to the Government to cancel next week’s all-out strikes - if it lifts the imposition of the junior doctor contract.

The message comes as junior doctors are planning to take industrial action next week Tuesday and Wednesday, withdrawing urgent and emergency care for the first time in the history of the NHS.

BMA Junior Doctor Committee chair Dr Johann Malawana has requested a meeting with health secretary Jeremy Hunt before next week to attempt to avoid the strike.

He said that Mr Hunt’s decision to impose the new contract would be ‘tremendously damaging’, inviting Mr Hunt to withdraw the decision.

Dr Malawana said: 'This is a clear offer in a bid to avert industrial action. Simply put, if the government agrees to lift the imposition, junior doctors will call of next week’s action.

'With preparations underway for the first full-walk out of doctors in this country, the Government cannot continue to stick its head in the sand. It must now listen to the many voices raising concerns about its mishandled plans and do what it has refused to for far too long: put patients first, get back around the table and end this dispute through talks.’

But the plea comes as Mr Hunt told MPs in the House of Commons yesterday that there would be ‘no retreat’ on behalf of the Government.

The Government has said it will impose a new junior doctor contract which will reduce unsociable hours for which junior doctors are entitled to higher pay, but junior doctors argue the new contract is ‘unsafe’.

Readers' comments (11)

  • If he does, he'll simply reimpose it when the talks still fail. Don't fall for it.

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  • Dr Johann Malawana, I solute you.

    You have shown far more guts and negotiating instinct with far better political manaeuver then our GPC has done over the last 10 years.

    Dr Nagpaul are you learning something here?

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  • medicine tastes awful

    The juniors doctors should send a clear message to this government- the british public need us in their time if needs and they the public can do without you.

    For Mr Hunt the health service of the country is merely a political football and we the doctors will not give up. Fight on we are behind you. The force awakens and May the force be with you.

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  • "Anonymous | GP Partner19 Apr 2016 1:05pm
    Dr Nagpaul are you learning something here?"

    The question really is, "are you GP Partner learning anything?" The JDs came out on strike by a massive % whereas GPs are notorious for their ability to mouth off but melt away as soon as action is required, or stab each other in the back and claim it has never been such a good time to be a GP. Chaand Nagpaul could call a strike or some lesser work to rule and I would be surprised if more than 20% of GPs took part. The GPC is only as weak as GPs are. You have only yourselves to blame

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  • Practice Manager19 Apr 2016 3:09pm - You're right. Pensions was always the wrong issue to strike on back then - we could have done so against Section 75 and got far more traction. But now they know they can call our bluff. We took up the strike at the time, though few others did.

    And now all the cardigans complain about the risk of patient harm from 48hrs with a still-functioning NHS. Imagine how it will be with months on end without a health service. How will the corporates run Jeremy's wet dream without any clinical staff? By using 111 to front the whole lot, and having call centres and self-service.

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  • Well Mr Hunt would say NO to the offer from the BMA Junior Doctor Committee chair Dr Johann Malawana, and does not halt his imposition. He is failing to do what is in the public interest as the boss and has legal responsibility to safeguard services under the health and social act. saying NO - Then the british public could hold Mr Hunt responsible to any harm caused to patients. GMC are you listening?

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  • Anonymous | Practice Manager19 Apr 2016 3:09pm

    I suggest you read the letter from Nial Dickson which has just been circulated. This is again doctors in training. Imagine how much even less supporting it will be against GPs (i.e. senior doctors not in training). See extract below;

    We ask every doctor contemplating further and escalated industrial action to pause and consider again the possible implications for patients, not only in terms of the immediate action but also in terms of the cumulative impact on patients and the additional risk posed by the withdrawal of emergency cover"

    "the right option may be not to take action that results in the withdrawal of services for patients."

    "Any doctor taking action should take reasonable steps to satisfy themselves about the arrangements being made during the period when they are withdrawing their labour"

    "...doctors in training are asked in good faith to return to work by employers, we expect they would fulfil this request."

    They will come down like a ton of bricks on partners (I say partners because we would also have managerial responsibility on top of clinical) if we take a serious strike. This is why we need a GPC strong enough to protect the GPs if we were to consider strike. Sady, I do not see that in Dr Nagpaul

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  • Anyone had any BMA guidance on what to do with requests to help out?

    In some areas (not mine) they have asked GPs to not prebook appointments etc.

    Should we be doing that so that the junior doctors can strike without harming patients?
    Should we carry on as normal so we do not undermine the junior doctors strike?

    I understand that it is not our 'duty' to cover staff striking at another organisation - but just want to know what the actual junior doctors want us to do.

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  • It is all about de-Nationalising the NHS by driving a wedge between the public and the medical profession then blaming the profession when it falls over. GP's on the whole are all self employed small businesses and so have to take into account the effect any action has on all their staff as well as their own finances. JD only lose a day or two's pay by striking. Withdrawing from providing unfunded non-core contract work and returning it to whence it came would be a start.

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  • Is that all the BMA can bargain for!?!? go for the carotid guys!!!

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