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GPs urged to show ‘Churchillian spirit’

GPs should be more willing to dip into their own pockets to help protect patient care, the chair of the NHS Alliance has said. 

Dr Michael Dixon called for GPs to show ‘red-blooded passion’ and ‘Churchillian spirit’, giving the example of his own practice, where partners have self-funded a health facilitator to organise public health initiatives for the past few years.

He told Pulse: ‘I am not saying that this is what we should all do, that we should reduce our pay. But what I am saying is that there is a bit of give and take here and what really matters is that these things happen. I think we need to summon up that Herculean, Churchillian spirit that we had in prior years.’

Dr Dixon’s comments came as a new-look NHS Alliance was unveiled at the conference. It will focus on advising GP members wanting to take advantage of ‘the full effect of clinical commissioning’ by getting together across practice boundaries to deliver additional services as companies or social enterprises.

But GPC chair Dr Laurence Buckman said: ‘Spirit and passion do not pay the staff nor develop premises. They do not enable days to lengthen to 28 hours. Sadly, Churchill is dead.’

Readers' comments (25)

  • We do dip into our own pockets to pay for Practice Nurses, Dispensers, Receptionists, heating, lighting, premises (not fully reimbursed) etc etc.

    Why should we 'dip in further' ?

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  • Let common sense prevail

    I agree we should show true Churchillian spirit - and go to war against the government!

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  • Those Good Old days...........when one could be totally crap and still get bottles of single malt at Christmas.......

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  • Hazel Drury

    What utter bollocks. Who is this?

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  • This comment has been moderated

  • Most GPs are Churchillian by working stupidly long hours and taking on everyone elses work load. I am damned if I am going to give my money away as well. What a totally stupid comment.

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  • Tom Caldwell

    Perhaps if Dr Dixon opened up his accounts of his income(s) then we could assess how this is achieved. So his message is that GPs should do even more and essentially pay for the privilege of doing more?

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  • errr No. I don't think so.

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  • Peter Swinyard

    One of the few times I find myself in disagreement with Mike Dixon (assuming he has been correctly reported). In smaller practices we already dig deep to pay our staff properly. Without past patronage, in my practice our global sum income per notional patient is £60/head to provide everything all year (other neighbours receive £80-£90 to provide same care). Partners' incomes already 8% down last year - and 5% year before. There just is no room for paying for more staff to do politically mandated work "get the GP to do it/see you/screen you/cure your dementia" Back to the principles of the 2004 contract - no extra work without extra resources. Stick to that at all costs.

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  • I didn't realise that Michael Dixon still was a GP. I assumed that the only thing he did was to go from conference to conference spouting meaningless platitudes. Doesn't he sleep in the back of the van with all the banners and podiums so he can travel to the next one?

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  • Vinci Ho

    There is only so much Jedi can do . If the evil empire carries on the way it is , all the Jedi will be sacrificed for nothing . Too bad some ex Jedi are willing to dance with the emperor.......

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