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See if you were nominated for the Pulse Power 50

Hundreds of GPs were nominated for our Power 50 this year, and sadly we couldn’t include all in our final lists. But see if you were one of those nominated here

Dr Abdul Hafeez

Dr Adnan Siddiqui

Dr Ahmed Kazmi

Dr Alan Dow

Dr Alan Shirley

Dr Alan Woodall

Dr Aly Rashid

Dr Amar Ahmed

Dr Amir Hannan

Dr Amir Mehrkar

Dr Amjad Ahmed

Dr Andrew Lephard

Dr Andrew Murray

Dr Andy Potter

Dr Anna O’Kane

Dr Anne Marie Cunningham

Dr Ansar Hayat

Dr Anu Rao

Dr Archie Fullerton

Dr Arti Maini

Dr Asiiya Yunus

Dr Asim Hasan

Dr Asim Malik

Dr Aumran Tahir

Dr Ayesha Sharieff

Dr Ben Molyneux

Dr Ben Riley

Dr Berge Balian

Dr Brian Balmer

Dr Bruce Hughes

Dr Campbell Murdoch

Dr Carolina Kumana

Dr Caroline Oliver

Dr Carolyn Kumana

Dr Chaitra hodegere

Dr Chris Black

Dr Chris Earnshaw

Dr Chris Peach

Dr Christine Johnson

Dr Claire Loughrey

Dr Claire Torjussen

Dr Clare Dyer

Dr Dai Lloyd

Dr Dami Adedayo

Dr Daniel Hedwat

Dr Daniel Mullarkey

Dr David Gill

Dr David Jones

Dr David Wilson

Dr David Wright

Dr Dawn Turner

Dr Dean Eggitt

Dr Deen Mirza

Dr Des Spence

Dr Dilsher Singh

Dr Dom Patterson

Dr Duncan Shrewsbury

Dr Ed Pooley

Dr Edoardo Cervoni

Dr Elizabeth Gill

Dr Ellie Cannon

Dr Ellie Leonard

Dr Elliott Singer

Dr Emily Symington

Dr Emily Taylor

Dr Emma Broughton

Dr Enam Haque

Dr Faizan Ahmad

Dr Farah Jameel

Dr Farhan Amin

Dr Farhan Munawar

Dr Farida Bhatti

Dr Fay Wilson

Dr Fergus Donaghy

Dr Fiona Taylor

Dr Gavin Ralston

Dr Grainne Doran

Dr Guy Watkins

Dr Harald Van der Linden

Dr Helen Morris

Dr Hussain Ghandi

Dr Iain Rock

Dr Ian Hume

Dr Ian Kilshaw

Dr Ian Sykes

Dr Idris Akinwande

Dr Isabel Hodgkinson

Dr J H Horn

Dr Jago Ridout

Dr Jane Povey

Dr Jeremy Baily Gibson

Dr Jeremy Newman

Dr Jim Forrer

Dr Joanna Bircher

Dr Jodie Blackadder

Dr Johan Zylstra

Dr John Hughes

Dr John McGrath

Dr John Patterson

Dr John Simmons

Dr Jon Evans

Dr Jonathan Cope

Dr Junaid Bajwa

Dr Kamal Ram Mahtani

Dr Kamal Sidhu

Dr Kamran Khan

Dr Karen Gully

Dr Karl Braine

Dr Kartik Modha

Dr Kate Digby

Dr Kathy Hoffman

Dr Ketan Patel

Dr Krishan Aggarwal

Dr Laura Edwards

Dr Lesley Godfrey York

Dr Linda Dykes

Dr Lindsey Davies

Dr Liz Clarke

Dr Marc Duffield

Dr Marie-Estella McVeigh

Dr Mark Corcoran

Dr Mark Fisher

Dr Mark Hamilton

Dr Mark Spencer

Dr Mary McCarthy

Dr Matt Kearney

Dr Matthew Fortnum

Dr Maureen Baker

Dr Mike Hardman

Dr Mike Holmes

Dr Mike Prentice

Dr Mohini Parmar

Dr Naguib Hilmy

Dr Naresh Rati

Dr Nav Chana

Dr Navin Thakrar

Dr Nazam Alam

Dr Nick Harding

Dr Nick Hughes

Dr Nick Rayner

Dr Nigel Fraser

Dr Nigel Hart

Dr Nigel Price

Dr Nigel Watson

Dr Nikki Kanani

Dr Nilesh Bharakhada

Dr Nishma Manek

Dr Noel Tinker

Dr P Aambikapathy

Dr Paul Baughan

Dr Paul Driscoll

Dr Paul Evans

Dr Paul Roblin

Dr Paula Wright

Dr Peter Bibawy

Dr Peter Graves

Dr Peter Holden

Dr Peter Merrin

Dr Peter Short

Dr Prasad Rao

Dr Preeti Shukla

Dr Rachel Ali

Dr Rachel Lindley

Dr Rahul Sahay

Dr Rahul Thakur

Dr Raj Thakkar

Dr Ramesh Mehay

Dr Raquel Delgado

Dr Rebecca Jarvis

Dr Renée Hoenderkamp

Dr Richard Berkley

Dr Richard Fieldhouse

Dr Richard Fletcher

Dr Richard Hobbs

Dr Richard Ma

Dr Richard Manning

Dr Richard West

Dr Robert Varnam

Dr Robin Armstrong

Dr Robin Mellows

Dr Rupy Aujla

Dr Ruth Bromley

Dr Sadie Aubrey

Dr Sam Barrell

Dr Samira Anwar

Dr Sara Bodey

Dr Sarah Merrifield

Dr Shaba Nabi

Dr Shabnam Ali

Dr Shanaz Husain

Dr Shanker Vijayadeva

Dr Sharif Uddin

Dr Sharon Cowap

Dr Shazia Ovaisi

Dr Simon Bradley

Dr Simon Brown

Dr Simon Cooke

Dr Simon Curtis

Dr Simon Gates

Dr Simon Gillson

Dr Sioned Richards

Dr Sohail Munshi

Dr Sonia Kumar

Dr Sonia Saxena

Dr Sophie Quinney

Dr Stephen Burr

Dr Susie Bayley

Dr Thaven Chetty

Dr Thomas Jones

Dr Tim Hunt

Dr Tim Morton

Dr Tom Bertram

Dr Tom McGonigle

Dr Tony Burch

Dr Tony Grewal

Dr Usman choudry

Dr V Raja

Dr Vicky Weekes

Dr Victoria Tzortziou Brown

Dr Vikram Bhatt

Dr Violaine Carpenter

Dr Will Mackintosh

Dr William Lumb

Dr Zishan Syed

Dr Zoe Williams

Agree with our list? Let us know if you think anyone else should have been nominated

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